Are you not entertained? Students should show up for Baylor history’s best football team

Baylor football is blazing a trail it have never blazed before. So far this season, the Bears have reached the No. 2 ranking in the country, maintained the best active home winning streak in the country, are frontrunners to achieve a third-straight Big 12 title and are looking at a very legitimate chance at getting into the College Football Playoff.

Additionally, the Bears’ on-field product is looking like the best its ever been. Junior receiver Corey Coleman is in consideration for the Heisman Trophy, the Bears’ offense leads the country and the “Gang Green” defense can’t stop forcing turnovers.

When has there ever been a better time to be a fan of Baylor football? The answer: never.

Not only is this team one of the best in the country at the moment, this might be the most powerful Baylor team ever assembled. Granted, that remains to be seen. However, the fact of the matter is, we’re absolutely spoiled as Baylor fans with this football team, and we should all be 100 percent behind its success.

Yet for some reason, there have been some issues with filling up McLane Stadium in the past few home games. There should be no reason for student tickets to be left over for each game.

Student tickets were up for grabs in the last two conference home games as late as Friday afternoon, the day before the game. Getting the tickets isn’t as much of an issue as the student ticket holders actually going to the game, though.

Each game has been technically labeled a “sell-out” in the student ticket allocation. However, come game-day, the student section doesn’t always look like a sell-out crowd.

This is unacceptable. Students that don’t attend the games can’t argue that the Bears’ performance on the field is not interesting. We’ve got the best offense and an exciting defense that gets interceptions and fumbles regularly.

They can’t argue the opponents aren’t interesting enough either. We’re halfway through conference play at this point. The Bears will play Oklahoma and Texas in the coming weeks at McLane.

One could even say the Iowa State and West Virginia games were interesting enough because any Big 12 game for the Bears is a massive game. There’s a Big 12 title “three-peat” on the line, for crying out loud.

These non-attendees can’t argue that the game-day experience is not good enough. Baylor has one of the best stadiums in the country and a wonderful tailgate (and “sailgate”) experience.

Lastly, these student tickets are free. What more do college students need to hear than “free” to get on board? College students would do just about anything to get a free T-shirt. Getting to watch the No. 2 team in the country should be no different.

Baylor football has everything going for it right now. Generally speaking, the fans have been up to the task, but there are also some slackers. There is no excuse for this.

Baylor has something special going on this season and fan support can go a long way in making the dream of another Big 12 title and national championship a reality.