Baylor students to call 3M home

By Jenn Webster, reporter

The Professional Selling program at Baylor provides students with unique opportunities and experiences that ease the transition from college to a career. Students are set up for success by having internships that often result in full-time jobs after graduation.

All students admitted to pro sales at Baylor go through a series of interviews with the corporate partners of the pro sales program. There are many corporate partners of this program, one of which is 3M Co. in St. Paul, Minn. 3M has strong ties to pro sales at Baylor and is considered the platinum partner.

In 2002, Baylor formed a partnership with 3M and its Frontline Sales Initiative internship internship program.

The idea behind this program “was to partner with universities and elevate sales as both a discipline and a profession that would attract a high potential, diverse student population,” said Candace Mailand, Sales Innovation Manager at 3M.

Mailand said the goal is for students to arrive at companies performance ready and to understand what is required of them in a sales profession.

During the fall, representatives from 3M come to Baylor to interview students who are studying pro sales. Every summer there are Baylor students who intern at 3M.

Mailand said over the last 10 years, the retention rate of students from Baylor working at 3M has been higher than 90 percent.

Last summer, five Baylor students from pro sales who held internships at 3M were offered and accepted full-time positions at the company that will begin after they graduate.

Seattle, senior, Taylor Jackson said before learning more about 3M through the pro sales program, she recognized the brand mostly by the Post-its and tape. However, through involvement in the program, she realized they are a platinum member and their brand is on almost everything.

“Once I began talking to my colleagues about their experiences and their internships with 3M, having that hands on experience and being out in the field all summer, I was attracted to it,” Jackson said, “That’s when I knew this is what I wanted in an internship.”

At a large company like 3M, there are multiple divisions and various fields of work.

Jackson interned as an outside sales representative in Pittsburgh in the Oral Care Solutions division of the Health Care group. Frisco, senior, Erin Robason held the same position in Salt Lake City.

Jackson and Robason both accepted positions as dental practice specialists for after they graduate, however, they do not know their respective locations at this time.

Bonham, senior, Alex Ingold interned in the Automotive Aftermarket division in Morgan Hill, Calif. Ingold enjoyed her experience at 3M and the opportunity she had to work hands-on with the products.

Sulphur Springs, senior, Ayana Taylor worked at the 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., as an inside sales representative in the Abrasives Systems division.

Taylor said 3M is getting more inside sales representatives and developing their program. Since they are progressing at such a fast rate, they are currently unable to guarantee which division she will be working in as an inside sales representative.

Austin, senior, Madison Solano was in the Traffic Safety Systems division in the business group of Safety and Graphics in Philadelphia. After graduation she will be working in the same division as the local government representative. Her location is also currently unknown.

Solano said through her internship she learned things that go beyond the selling process in general, including a taste of what the real world will be like after graduation.

“Being put in an internship that’s so real starts helping you mentally prepare for when it’s 100 percent of your life,” Solano said.

The five girls said they appreciated the overall culture and the welcoming environment of 3M.

“The people are definitely what make 3M such a great company,” Robason said.