Lariat Letter: Not all students entitled, ungrateful

I have always considered myself a Waco resident first and a Baylor student second. I am offended by remarks made in an article [“Wacoans Express Frustration Toward Students” published in Sept. 15 issue] regarding citizens concerns of Baylor students. I have spent hours working with fellow residents — mentoring their children, volunteering in their hospitals and have helped build homes for their families in need. I did this because I felt it was my civic duty as a resident to dig my roots down deep into the Waco soil. I am proud to say I live in Waco. After I graduate from Baylor, I would love to start a career here.

It’s not uncommon for Baylor students to continue their lives in Waco after graduation. Several businesses in Waco come from Baylor alumni, and much revenue comes from Baylor students and their families.

Many are quick to point at Baylor students when it concerns the welfare of the city. There are plenty of students who are not just some self-entitled, ungrateful kids living off daddy’s money. As far as issues with neighbors, why are they blaming all Baylor students, rather than nipping situations in the bud and discussing their neighborly problems on their doorsteps?

Meggan Noggle, Mansfield sophomore, Journalism major