Viewpoint: God’s timing trumps mine

DaneBy Dane Chronister

One thing that has been difficult for me to understand at times is God’s timing. There is one main difference between my timing and God’s timing. God’s timing is perfect. Mine is not.

The reason why this presses so hard on me is because just recently I experienced one of my own trials of dealing with God’s timing.

I have been a co-ed cheerleader at Baylor for two years now and have loved being a part of such an incredible program — meeting lifelong friends and having a supportive family.

I, however, will not be returning next year because of other things God has faithfully placed in my path. Instead, I will be pursuing opportunities that I hope will help me gain additional preparation and knowledge for my career in journalism.

This decision has been an extremely difficult one for me and even though I think that cheering another year would be a great chance to experience my senior year to the fullest, I feel that God has other plans for my life.

Another way I feel like God will be challenging and expecting me to be faithful is by what He has done with my summer plans.

Since this is my last summer before getting thrown into the current of graduates trying to find jobs after college, I originally planned on working for a magazine close to home to be near my family.

God, on the other hand, had different plans and will use my spirit, my talents and my gifts on the other side of the country and, potentially, the world

This summer, I will be going to New York and maybe Zimbabwe in Africa to further pursue my future craft, if all goes as planned. This opportunity will be a chance to partake of different cultures and learn all that I can about writing professionally.

I feel that in my life right now, God is using the verse Isaiah 6:8 to direct me.

“And I heard the Lord say, ‘who will I send, who will go before us?’ And I said, ‘here I am Lord, send me.’”

It’s hard at times to live by your faith and not with your eyes, but that is what Christ calls us all to do, and daily at that. He reminds us that He will be our eyes and that He always has our best interest in mind.

Dane Chronister is a junior journalism major from Dallas. He is a reporter and regular columnist for the Lariat.