Why go to Dallas? Waco stores fit trendy styles

By Haley Davis

Looking for the latest trends but don’t have time to travel to Austin or Dallas? Waco offers a variety of clothing stores that carry the latest trends without the hassle of traveling to a bigger city.

Spice Village, a local favorite, is a collection of mini stores and a one-stop shop for fashionable clothes, jewelry and shoes. Spice also has a wide price range with something for everyone.

“Spice is such an eclectic place,” Dallas junior Caroline Lindstom said. “They have a wide variety that fits anyone’s style, whether you’re hipster or preppy.”

Right around the corner from Spice is Roots, which was voted No. 1 clothing boutique in Waco for three years by “Wacoan’s Best in Waco” series.

Their motto boldly states their passion for fashion, saying “On Trend. Expressive. Fresh. As fashion should be. Inspiring. Encouraging. Effortless. As shopping should be.”

At affordable prices, Roots carries the latest fashions for each season.

“I love Roots Boutique because it’s unique, and you can find something for just about every occasion,” Liberty sophomore Lauren Cook said. “It gives you a taste of big city shopping without shedding its local Waco roots.”

One store a little closer to Baylor campus is Harts ’N Crafts. Known for its decorated TOMS shoes and store-made crafts, it also carries game day dresses, jewelry, Vera Bradley and other trinkets. Conveniently located next to Common Grounds, students can find a variety of options closer to campus.

With the latest fashion and classic styles, Rock Bottom boutique, owned by Brittney Corley, a 2006 Baylor graduate with a degree in fashion merchandising, helps keep Baylor students in style. Their Facebook page says the store is “the place where fashion junkies and shopaholics get their retail therapy quick-fix.”

At Amelia’s Fashion Exchange, one woman’s last season trash is another woman’s this season treasure. The local resale boutique is a place to sell old clothing and find new pieces to add to the closet.

Voted No. 1 in used/resale clothing stores by Locals Love Us for two consecutive years, this boutique recycles designer clothing without the high designer prices.

Living in Waco doesn’t mean students have to give up their sense of fashion; they just need to know where to look.

“Staying fashionable in Waco isn’t impossible when we have several stores that stay on top of the trends that are happening in Dallas and Austin,” Houston senior Ashley Frost said.