Greek Week promotes camaraderie, service

GreekWeekgraphic FTWBy Kristin Burns

Greek Week, which begins Tuesday, is designed to bring sororities and fraternities on campus together for three nights of fun, service and worship.

Austin Hayes, coordinator of Greek life for fraternities, said the point of events is to bring the diverse Greek organizations together.

“We look at things that all of our organizations do and all of our organizations have in common,” Hayes said.

All organizations within the four Greek councils — the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Council — are invited to attend the events to learn more about how Greek life impacts Baylor’s campus, Hayes said.

“It’s definitely the focus of bringing the entire Greek community together,” said Scottsdale, Ariz., master’s candidate Kari Rood, the graduate apprentice for Greek life. “It’s really to unify the Greek community.”

While anyone from Baylor is invited to the events, the Greek Week committee said the week’s primary purpose is to unify Greek members into one body, Rood said.

“This year, it’s still open to anyone, but we’re specifically targeting or marketing at members of the Greek community,” Hayes said.

Rood said Greek Week was not created as a recruitment tool.

“The recruiting aspect of that would be for people to see the Greek community together,” Rood said. “They are not specifically targeting potential new members for these events.”

The week will start off at 6:30 p.m. tonight on Fountain Mall with the Fun Run around campus. Runners can register online at

“It’s a glow stick run,” Rood said. “It’s all around campus, which I think will be really fun.”

A service opportunity benefiting Waco ISD will take place at 6 p.m. Wednesday on Fifth Street near Fountain Mall. Greek members are encouraged to bring school supplies for Waco ISD students.

Finally, Greek students will meet together at 6 p.m. Thursday in the SUB Bowl to attend a worship night led by the worship band from Acts Church in Waco.

Greek Week is headed by the Greek Week committee of 12 to 15 students who are in various Greek organizations on campus.

“There’s a Greek Week steering committee,” Hayes said. “All of our councils are represented. They help us plan and execute the events.”

Rood said the ultimate purpose of Greek Week is to showcase what the Greek community offers to campus.

“I think that the Greek community is a large and influential body on this campus, and I think it’s a positive community,” Rood said. “I think this is a way for the Baylor community at large to see the Greek community together in the way that they can benefit the Baylor campus.”