Lariat Letters: You can change the world in many small ways

By Raechel Adams

I’ve always wanted to change the world, and I thought that coming to Baylor would give me the right tools to go out and make a big impact. I’m a communications major, so I’m not going to cure any diseases over the course of my career, but I thought maybe I could make enough money to make a significant donation to help find a cure, or save up enough money to open up an orphanage in another country.

All of these things are good and very ambitious, but last week I realized that we all have the opportunity to change the world every day.

After the tragedy in West, I was astonished to see the hearts of my fellow Baylor Bears opening up to our neighboring community. So many people were eager to help, by delivering supplies, sorting through donations, gathering donations and serving in other ways.

The most eye-opening moment for me was while I was just spending time with a gentleman from West who had lost so much. He cried right after we introduced ourselves and asked if we could spend some time with him, explaining he was simply thankful that we came to be with him.

What really changes the world is opening up your heart to people every day. The world changes when you are present in life, when you show up and open up to those around you by showing them the love that you have in your heart.

I encourage everyone to go out and change the world, starting with opening up your hearts to those around you. Every moment is a chance and a choice to love on others.

– Raechel Adams is a junior speech communications major