Lariat Letters: Students: Support baseball

By Jeremy Doyle

It is baseball season at Baylor.

Baylor baseball has had a winning season every year since 2005, but they still have games to go in this one. They need our help.

As students, it is our responsibility to go root for our team. Now that basketball is over, many students have more free time on their hands. Students can spend that time cheering on the baseball team to a win.

We have all seen what kind of energy students can bring to a game. Remember when the football team destroyed Kansas State 52-24 last November? How about March, when the men’s basketball team beat Kansas 81-58?

Students showed up to those games and got loud. Their cheers pumped up the teams and got us wins. We can bring that type of energy to the baseball stadium. Going to a baseball game is a great way to sit back, relax and cheer Baylor baseball to a win.

– Jeremy Doyle is a junior pre-business major from Spring.