Uproar Concert Promotions to feature The Rocket Summer

By James Herd


Uproar Concert Promotions, an organization that is branching off of student-run record company Uproar Records, is launching its first show this week.

The Rocket Summer, a one-man band started by Bryce Avary, will perform in Waco Hall this Thursday, with both David Dulcie and Layne Lynch opening. Lynch shares an interesting connection with Avary.

“Layne and Bryce Avary grew up in the same city, in the Dallas area. She went to school with his younger sister, and he went to school with her older sister. So they’re like family friends,” said Areli Mendoza, the assistant vice president of publicity for Uproar Records. “She recorded on his first professional album. She was in sixth grade, in choir, and he encouraged her to pursue a career in music, so he’s kind of like her inspiration. It’ll be great for them to bring their career full circle, like they both started together and they’re now performing together.”

Mendoza said while new organization is a new undertaking, they hope to have much success in the coming semesters.

“This semester, we launched Uproar Concert Promotions, which is booking, executing and everything to do with a real live concert. The Rocket Summer will be our first one, and we’ll hopefully have more next semester,” Mendoza said.

Lynch says she is excited to be able to play music with her childhood inspiration, and she hasn’t yet realized that she’ll be playing in front of a large crowd in Waco Hall.

“I don’t think it’s really hit me, but I’m just so excited,” Lynch said. “I’ve always wanted to see him in concert, but I’ve never been able to. The rest of my family has, and all of my friends have, but I’ve never seen him in concert, so it’s cool that the first time I’ll see him in concert is when I’m opening for him. I don’t know if I’m more excited to open for him, or [to] actually see him play.”

Lynch says that the best part about seeing Avary live is that he is extremely real in how he performs.

“There will be a lot of passion on that stage. He cares about every single word that he sings, and his songs are just influential and inspiring to anybody. I don’t know if he does this anymore, but I know he used to write every single instrument,” Lynch said.

Lynch said when she was younger, Avary influenced her writing style.

“His lyrics I think are what inspired me, what each song was about, and the way he processes things, I think that’s very similar to me,” Lynch said. “Now my style has kind of evolved into something different than his. There’s definitely still themes that are very similar, just by coincidence now.”

Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.. David Dulcie plays first, with Layne Lynch second, and finally The Rocket Summer. Ticket prices range from $10 to $20.

Tickets for the show can be bought at the Bill Daniel Student Center (SUB), by visiting www.baylor.edu/tickets or by emailing bdsctickets@Baylor.edu.