Uproar Records artist of the week: Luke Gibson

Luke Gibson, one of this year’s Uproar Artists, compares his music to that of Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Dave Matthews.
Courtesy Photo

By James Herd


Meet Luke Gibson, one of the chosen few who will be represented by Baylor’s student-run record label, Uproar Records, this school year.

Gibson, an Abilene freshman, is the only freshman artist selected, which he finds a huge honor.

“I heard about Uproar last year, before even thinking about coming to Baylor,” Gibson said. “I always thought it was really cool because I came to a couple of shows and watched the artists. I saw their videos and basically creeped on all of their pages on the Uproar website. It’s kind of been a small dream for a while. It was kind of surreal at first, and it still hasn’t really set in yet, but I’m definitely loving it. I’m really excited.”

According to Gibson, performances can be expected soon.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on this semester, I think we’re playing in the homecoming parade and the tailgating party, so there’s little stuff here and there,” Gibson said.

As for recordings or CDs, he says fans will have to wait just a little while.

“As far as CDs go, I think that stuff won’t get released until next semester, because we’re going to start recording in October to November,” Gibson said.

His student manager, Ivana Martinez, expanded.

“They’ll release a single to see how the fans react to his music in December, during Christmas Break,” Martinez said.

Gibson revealed that his genre is comparable to such artists as Jason Mraz.

“It’s definitely pop based. It’s like Acoustic Pop but there’s bluesy influence.” Gibson said. “It’s not Dance Pop, like stuff you’d hear on the radio, like Ke$ha obviously.” He went on to suggest that his music has been compared to Mraz, as well as John Mayer and Dave Matthews.

“I wrote a lot of songs this past semester and summer, and I just love sharing them with people and playing for people. I love getting the response and making people happy with it. I just want to get my music out there, and share it with as many people as possible,” Gibson said about his aspirations as a member of the Uproar Records label.

Gibson says that he is looking into utilizing the Uproar Network, which is devoted to helping other interested artists make their mark by pairing them with roster artists like Gibson who would like a band behind them.

“I have a few guys that I play with from home, but they can’t always be there cause they’re really busy with other stuff. Yeah, I would like to [use the network], I really would,” Gibson said.

More information about Luke Gibson will be available at www.UproarRecords.com.