Color at Baylor, block by block

By Jamie Lim

Be brave, be bold ­­­— start color blocking. It’s a trend that represents fashion in an avant garde, purposefully contrarian kind of way. Color blocking is the use of vibrant colors in contrast with each other, despite being part of the same outfit or overall ensemble.

In its analysis of the color blocking trend, describes the trend as “loud and proud colour combinations make for a dynamic, confident look.”

Recently, many couture designers have graced the runway with bold, vibrant hues. Their catwalks look like they have been painted with every color in the rainbow. Some of these designers include Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo and Marc Jacobs.

“Color blocking can sometimes look really cute and at other times not work at all,” Willis sophomore Courtney Carter said. “Color blocking is unique and always makes a statement. It is a simple concept that looks incredible when you have the right pieces together.”

For those who have not heard of color blocking, there are a couple of simple guidelines to follow. Remember that opposites attract. Complementary colors are different colors that balance each other out.

Any type of apparel can be used in color blocking. From bathing suits to pants, blouses to leggings — the possibilities are endless.

“One of my favorite color blocks, however, is a pair of the colored skinny jeans and a solid color top. It’s two completely different defined color elements, but they seem to just work,” Carter said.

Mixing and matching can sometimes be hard to do, and making it work can be difficult.

When it comes to color blocking, there is a basic formula to follow: one bold, one bright and one neutral.

“You can never go wrong with two colors, top and bottom,” Carter said, “It’s when you start adding in other solid color elements that it could possibly all fall apart.”

Still not sure how to color block? Then leave it to the professionals. Currently, many stores are making the trend a whole lot easier to pull off.

Stores like Express and Forever 21 are making color blocking a lot easier by selling affordable color block apparel. Some of these garments include dresses, skirts, sweaters and shirts.

“Target just recently came out with a whole line of color blocking, with mainly vibrant neon colors, my favorite,” Carter said. “Not my favorite designer, but on a college budget it makes color blocking a lot easier.”

For many, color blocking can be too daring for their style. However, there’s many ways to color block in a subtle manner, like shoes. Designers like Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson are taking full advantage of the trend. Even Nike has come up with color blocking sneakers.

“I always wanted to own a pair of Nike Dunk shoes,” Dallas sophomore Karynah Diaz said “They just look so unique and make you stand out.”

Accessories are also easy ways to add just a subtle hint of color. Bright, bold, colorful or even neutral jewelry is available in many shapes and forms.

Another subtle way to color block is with handbags. Vibrant handbags can be paired with a neutral look, while neutral handbags can be paired with a colorful look. Students can even color block with their backpacks.

“Sometimes I like to wear colorful, bright outfits with a neutral black or white handbag. It kind of balances things out,” Diaz said.

A different approach to color block is with beauty. By contrasting eye shadows, the eye can appear more define, brighter, or bigger. With color, the eye’s entire shape can look different. A bright lipstick with a neutral eye can give the face an overall balanced look, which is one of the goals of color blocking.

Another way to color block in the beauty department is with nails, for example, painting every nail or only a couple of nails with a different color.

“One thing I have seen lately is color blocking of nails. They’re all different shades and then one is glitter nail, I think it adds a little more flash than just one solid color,” Carter said.

Not only is the color blocking trend being seen on people, but in their homes.

Neutral rooms are decorated with vibrant furniture. Sometimes, average looking rooms have a pop of color with one bold, bright piece of furniture.

Whether it’s exterior or interior, color blocking can be seen almost anywhere.

Some people can pull it off, while others cannot. Either way, they are daring to be bold.

The Lariat’s A&E Editor, Joshua Madden, also contributed to this report.