Beauty Department gives fashion talk an online home

The Beauty Department was launched by “Laguna Beach” star Lauren Conrad and her makeup artist Amy Nadine and her hair stylist Kristen Ess. Couresy Photo
The Beauty Department was launched by “Laguna Beach” star Lauren Conrad and her makeup artist Amy Nadine and her hair stylist Kristen Ess.
Couresy Photo

By Jamie Lim

Flustered with beauty problems? Have no fear. There’s a website specifically designed to answer any beauty question out there.

MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad with her makeup artist Amy Nadine and hair stylist Kristin Ess have launched The Beauty Department.

The Beauty Department was designed to give people their “daily dose of pretty.” It’s a combination of beauty education and entertainment.

“The website is a must-go-to for anything,” Houston sophomore Nico Zulli said. “Sassy and sweet, with a dash of spice; this site is anything but a common beauty department.”

The website is divided into sections which include tutorials, hair, makeup and inspirations. In addition, The Beauty Department also encourages their “beauties” to be active with the website and they are always asking them to submit tutorials, give feedback, ask questions and enter giveaways.

When it comes to hair, The Beauty Department is always giving its readers quick tips, like how to minimize frizz in the winter. Another thing included in the website is Fashion Friday. This section of the website shows the reader how to wear their hair with a certain outfit. Outfits can vary by neckline, shape, etc.

“I found out about it through Pinterest,” Beaumont sophomore Stephanie Parks said. “They had really easy-to-understand guides on how to fix your hair. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to fixing my hair, so it makes it a lot easier.”

Whether it’s bold or natural, the website also shows its viewers a variety of makeup techniques and styles.

From matte to shimmer, contouring brushes to double ended brow brushes, The Beauty Department shows its readers the whens, wheres, and hows for when it comes to makeup.

The website is big on beauty tools. Every tutorial includes which tools we’re used to execute the look. There are also different posts over hair and makeup tools, like “Brush Class,” which inform readers about the seven basic face brushes.

Looking for a way to do moustache nails or how a basic French manicure? Want to know how to execute Conrad’s signature catty eye, or how to get some vintage, only Hollywood glam waves? There’s probably a tutorial for that on The Beauty Department. Can’t find the tutorial there? Then it’s probably on The Beauty Department’s YouTube channel.

Its YouTube channel only has tutorials for hair and makeup. Tutorials are no longer than five minutes, but they do include instructional text.

“It’s clever, witty and creative, which makes it quite the nifty source for fashion lovers everywhere to get their style on,” Zulli said.

The website also shows its readers how to take care of their skin and hair.

The post “Skin Food” informs readers on how to take care of their skin during the winter season. “Beauty Resolutions” is another post that allows readers to make a list of things they vow to do, like to exfoliate the face and body at least once a week.

Furthermore, The Beauty Department also has unobvious beauty posts, like a do-it-yourself project on how to make an old, tarnish table into a new, beautiful vanity, or the beauty of packing only the necessities when it comes to traveling.

Another feature from the website is polls under the “This or That” section. When it comes to sparkle, should it be serious or subtle? Which area do you dedicate the most time to? Hair, makeup, nails or skin care? The Beauty Department strives to know what its readers’ thoughts are.

However, beauty is more than skin deep, and The Beauty Department is fully aware of that. Many posts encourage their readers to do things that will help them feel beautiful inside and out.

The Beauty Department updates daily and is always willing to answer any beauty question.

For any more information and to get a “daily dose of pretty,” visit the website or email them at