Best-Dressed Bear: Pikachu shocks campus

Waco senior Ben Dvorak takes a moment to enjoy a breath of fresh air outside of his Pikachu costume.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Joshua Madden
A&E Editor

It’s not every day that you see a Pikachu strolling around campus, but Halloween only comes around once a year and some students at Baylor really wanted to make the most of it. One of these students was Waco senior Ben Dvorak, who became Pikachu for a day. In this very special edition of Baylor’s Best-Dressed Bear, Dvorak, as Pikachu, will be answering our questions about fashion and life, including how he avoids fashion faux pas.

Question: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Pikachu: I don’t know of many designers. I wear the same thing every day.

Question: What are some of your favorite stores?

Pikachu: My favorite store is Ditto Mansion. It’s a huge store with everything you can imagine.

Question: What are some of the staple wardrobe pieces you wear?

Pikachu: My classic yellow.

Question: What are you looking forward to wearing in the fall?

Pikachu: My Squirtle shell jacket.

After posing with fans visiting from local high schools, Pikachu takes a stroll along campus to take in the sun while avoiding the antics of Team Rocket. As he looks around campus for the local gym so he can compete for a new medal, Pikachu wonders what classes would be help prepare him for the final four.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

Question: You dress exquisitely every day. How do you do it?

Pikachu: Just one leg at a time.

Question: Have you ever had a fashion faux pas?

Pikachu: I’m a Pokemon. I don’t know what faux pas means…

Question: Does the way you dress lead to misconceptions about your personality?

Pikachu: Yes, all the time. Because I’m yellow, everyone thinks I’m a nice guy, but sometimes I lose my temper and throw down on some other Pokemon.

Question: Where do you find inspiration for how to dress?

Pikachu: Ash.

Question: Do you have other interests besides fashion?

Pikachu: I’m big into UFC fighting. I thinking fighting for a living would be interesting.

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