Uproar Records debuts new radio show

Common Grounds, a local music venue and coffee shop at 1123 S. 8th Street, offers a relaxing environment for students to study and see live performances of various artists. Upcoming artists include Lomelda performing on Oct. 1 and Mutemath on Oct. 8.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Jessica Foreman

Uproar Records recorded their first official radio show in a traditional broadcast format, “The Roar,” and the recording is now available to stream online at the student-run record label’s website.

The first edition of “The Roar” can be found at uproarrecords.com under the radio tab. The website will be updated weekly.

“The Roar” features interviews with a new artist each week and also contains a variety of Top 40 songs, signed Uproar artists, local music and the newest hits.

Signed Uproar Records artists include Trannie Stevens, Layne Lynch, Holly Tucker, O, Loveland (a duo consisting of returning artist Amy Boykin and new artist Clark Jones) and a band consisting of brothers Jacob and Michael Agnew, Cameron Butcher and Byron Roldan.

“I think it is a great idea, and just another creative aspect of Uproar and the enterprising activity that students are taking on while they are studying here at Baylor. I really hope it takes off and students take advantage of unique radio show we have now. It’s a great way to stay informed about new bands, shows, big things on campus,” Boykin said.

“Our guests are going to vary week by week,” said Ryan Anderson, Uproar Records president and the program manager of Uproar Radio. “We will of course feature artists on Uproar Records, local Waco talent (including a high school band), as well as bigger artists such as Andy Davis. We are currently working on a Mutemath interview, but no promises.”

Baylor University students, senior Shelley Keller and junior Caleb Powell, are the hosts for the weekly radio show.

Keller has been working with Anderson since spring to set up the show’s structure and has contacted artist managers to schedule on-air interviews for “The Roar.” Anderson said Kelly’s experience as a Clear Channel intern has enabled her to produce an excellent radio program.

“The two hosts together balance the dynamic of the show,” Anderson said.

The first edition of “The Roar” was made available online Monday by Uproar administration.

Uproar released two shows last semester through Uproar Radio, which were designed as trial shows and were never actually aired on radio, but only online.

This is, however, the first semester that the record label has had a traditional show schedule, said Anderson.

Uproar Records is working alongside KWBU’s 103.3 FM and has scheduled a regular airing time 9 p.m. Mondays.

The first show featured several songs from Uproar artists, including “Stuck” by Zoo Studio, “Guard” by Tidewater and “Songbird” by Jillian Edwards, an Uproar artist who will be featured on the show in coming weeks.

Special guest Ben Rector discussed his fourth CD, “Something Like This,” on-air after the singer/songwriter performed at Common Grounds.

Rector said the CD, released Sept. 13, was a year long process of growth for him as an artist. He wrote all of the songs contained on the CD.

“There wasn’t one major theme or anything,” Rector said on the show. “It was just kind of soaking up life.”

During a cover of “Free-Fallin,” Rector split the crowd into two parts, and with crowd participation attempted to create a harmonizing effect, Powell said.

The first “The Roar” show concluded with Keller and Powell’s favorite songs of the week, “Decode” by Paramore and “Desperately Wanting” by Better Than Ezra.

“We’re here to be a platform for y’all to hear the music that you want,” said Powell. “Anyone that can sing the rhythm and tap their shoes, you’re definitely welcome on our show to come show us what you got.”

Anderson has realistic expectations for the new show.

“Uproar’s first radio station is bound to have its road bumps,” Anderson said. “We are continually working to solidify a solid corporate radio sponsor. The show will be a learning experience. As program manager, I will need to work hard to make sure that the radio show is grounded in a solid foundation to continue long after we graduate.”