Strategic planning releases input report

By Sara Tirrito
City Desk Editor

Although a draft of the university’s new strategic plan will not be available until November, the Baylor family can now see how the Strategic Themes Committee has interpreted their input. The committee’s report was made available online Aug. 12, after being received by President Ken Starr and the Executive Council on June 24.

While compiling and organizing the input from hundreds of sources was a challenge, committee chair Dr. Mitchell Neubert said he was glad to have that “problem.”

“I was really impressed with the commitment and energy of all the different Baylor family stakeholders, students and faculty and alumni, even just friends of Baylor,” Neubert said. “We got a lot of input and I think it was really helpful input, but it was also really affirming about the people supporting Baylor.”

Houston senior Cristina Galvan, a member of the Strategic Themes Committee and 2010-2011 student body external vice president, said she hopes students will read the report and pursue any changes they hope to see.

“There will be another time period for the community to give their feedback,” Galvan said, “so I feel it’s really important for students to just follow this process along as it will impact their future.”

Student body president and Houston senior Zach Rogers said student government will most likely put together a forum for students to voice their opinions.

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