Passion CD is summary of praise

Passion’s new worship album, “Here for You” is a compilation of modern American worship music.

By Jenna DeWitt

Just in time for its upcoming Fort Worth conference April 1 to 3, Passion released “Here For You,” recorded in Atlanta in January.

The album is a soundtrack for the direction of this year’s praise and worship movement with Hillsong’s already popular “Forever Reign” and David Crowder Band’s “Shadows.”

The latter features an appearance by hip hop artist Lecrae, who also appears later in one of the many Chris Tomlin tracks.

In fact, Tomlin dominates most of the album, including the title track. Fans of Tomlin and Top 20 Christian radio (i.e. KLOVE) will likely consider this album manna from heaven.

Those who are uncomfortable in musically contemporary churches or do not enjoy Christian radio should steer clear.

One of the unique tracks on the album is Crowder’s “Sometimes.” Musically, it fits more in the rock genre than typical praise and worship, yet draws in the listener emotionally and spiritually as its raw, honest lyrics speak of letting God fill us when we are empty and following no matter the cost.

The song begins with lyrics that express doubt or hopelessness, “Sometimes every one of us feels like we will never be healed,” yet he continues to express faith and peace despite hard times because he is lost in the love of Jesus.

Christy Nockels also makes a strong appearance on the album with “I Will Carry Your Name” and “Waiting.”

The lone female artist, Nockels plays a role in the peaceful, focused, worship side to the album. This makes for a beautiful compliment to Crowders’ individuality, Kristian Stanfill’s sing-along favorites and Tomlin’s power anthems. That said, the keyboard-driven “Waiting” builds up to a Hillsong-worthy climax of fully-abandoned worship and fades out to the sound of thousands of college students at the conference singing along.

Stanfill, quickly rising as a leader on the American praise and worship scene, rocks Hillsong’s hit “Forever Reign” and his own “Always.” With the success of his recent album, “Mountains Move,” Stanfill will likely have increasing influence on future Passion albums.

Still, if these two are any indication of future tracks, he fits in well with the rest of the sixstepsrecords crew.

Overall, “Here For You” is a nice and accurate summary of American praise and worship as well as a window into the world of a Passion conference.

If you are looking to connect with God through modern praise and worship music, or if you can’t make it to the conference for the live version, this is the album for you.

Grade: A-