SING foils Student Senate meeting agenda

By Caitlin Giddens

Due to SING-related absences, student senate tabled the Disqualifications Redefined Act, which addresses the electoral code, at Thursday’s meeting.

Controversy arose over the electoral code last semester, as student government members considered the disqualification standards to be ambiguous.

Other bills, including the Senatorial Campaign Worker Act, Electoral Free Speech Act and Student Activities Policy Changes Act were overwhelmingly passed.

The Senatorial Campaign Worker Act clarifies joint campaigning regulations, while the Electoral Free Speech Act allows free speech in campaigns, provided the opinions are not deemed as a personal attack on the opponent.

The Student Activities Policy Change Act agrees to the new standards student activities has created for senate campaigning.

“Overall, it was a very productive meeting,” Baytown senior Cristina Galvan, external vice president, said. “There were several bills that came to the floor that students have put a great amount of work into. And it was wonderful to see those pass.”

In addition to the approval of these bills, Baylor University vice-Provost Elizabeth Davis discussed the university’s strategic planning for after Baylor 2012.

“Because our plan was called Baylor 2012, we have to come up with a new one soon,” Davis said, beginning the meeting with laughter and lighter spirits.

“Baylor’s mission will be the same, as that is non-negotiable. But we hope to re-engage people into Baylor, asking what it is they want Baylor to be.”

With the help of input from students, staff and community members, Davis plans to produce a strategic planning draft by July. The draft will be presented to the university in November.

“Consider your highest hopes for Baylor for the next 15 years,” Davis said. “Asking for more parking spaces isn’t what we’re looking for. Consider what Waco and the nation need from Baylor University.”

The next senate election will be held April 13-14, motivating student government to quickly decide on the Disqualifications Redefined Act.

“With the next election, I encourage anyone who wants to run to prepare their campaign,” Falls City senior Michael Lyssy, internal vice president, said.

“And if you don’t plan to run for senate, then be sure to vote on Diadeloso.”