‘We’re really proud to be women’: Latina sorority fundraises in honor of Women’s History Month

The women of Kappa Delta Chi raise money for the Family Abuse Center in honor of Women's History Month. Mia Crawford | Photographer

By Ashlyn Beck | Staff Writer

Latina sorority Kappa Delta Chi sold Fuego Tortilla Grill tacos Wednesday in the Bill Daniel Student Center, raising donations for the Family Abuse Center in honor of Women’s History Month.

Houston senior Makayla Williams serves as the fundraising chair for Kappa Delta Chi. Williams said their celebration of Women’s History Month and support of the Family Abuse Center are more related than they seem.

“Most of the people in the Family Abuse Center, most victims of domestic violence are women — not just women, but women and children and their families,” Williams said.

Houston junior Stephanie Mata is a member of Kappa Delta Chi and attended the fundraising event. Mata said part of empowering women is honoring those who are suffering.

“Our philanthropy service is not just on Baylor’s campus, but [it’s us] going out and connecting with local Waco volunteer services, giving to women who don’t have the advantage of living in a safe home,” Mata said.

Houston junior Madelyn Yanez is a member of Kappa Delta Chi and participated in the fundraising event. Yanez said it is primarily for those in the Family Abuse Center, but it also displays to Baylor that Kappa Delta Chi is there for women all across campus, whether they have struggled with abuse or not.

“We want to let the campus community know that we’re here for them,” Yanez said. “We are people who are trying to represent such a small minority of women on campus, but we’re trying to show pride in our values and advocate for women.”

Mata said being a part of a multicultural organization is important to her because she sees what other women of color experience.

“As women of color, we don’t necessarily [always] hear about what women of color go through, so being able to be in a multicultural organization on campus is absolutely phenomenal,” Mata said.

With their new member class, Yanez and Williams both said they want to encourage values of support and empowerment.

“We’ve mostly just been focused on our new member class and their celebration,” Williams said. “We’ve tried to instill a lot of our core values into them, one of which is women empowerment.”

For women, especially those who have experienced discrimination or abuse, Williams said it is easy to believe they aren’t capable. Kappa Delta Chi hopes to shatter that assumption, and fundraising is one way to remind women all across campus what they are capable of.

“We always try to instill into them that they are able to do a lot more than they think they can,” Williams said.

Williams said Latina women are not a large population on campus, but they bring a lot of positivity and energy. She said this month shines a light on all women, including Latina women, and having fundraisers and events helps to give back to those who have been overlooked in the past.

“We’re really proud to be women,” Williams said. “I’m happy that the women before us have paved the way for us.”