Stop hitting snooze, start dressing for success

By Claire Goodyear | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

In the hustle and bustle of college life, it is very easy for students to sleep through their alarms to get a few extra minutes of sleep instead of getting fully ready for the day. Although this might feel good at first, I believe there is a direct correlation between how people spend their mornings and how rewarding the rest of their day will be.

The well-known phrase “dress for success” does hold some truth to it. Dressing well is about not only external appearances but also the mindset it creates. When you prioritize your appearance in the morning and feel good about yourself when you walk out of the front door, it increases your confidence for the rest of the day.

In addition to boosting self-esteem, dressing nicely creates a positive impact on your academics. For example, when athletes are about to play a big game, they go through a series of steps and warm-ups to ensure they are ready and in prime condition to be successful. On a much smaller scale, going through the steps of getting ready in the morning is like a warm-up for whatever academic challenges the day has in store.

The way you dress indicates how much you want to be somewhere. Dressing nice for college classes shows professors that you want to be there and that you take your education seriously. If you show up to class in pajamas, you give off the signal that you’d rather be sleeping than learning. But when you are well-dressed, you gain the respect of your professors and are taken more seriously.

The benefits of dressing to impress go far beyond college years. When trying to get a job, first impressions will matter. Whether it is an interview, a presentation or a meeting, the way you present yourself speaks volumes. Practicing these habits in college will set you up for success in the future.

College students don’t always have it easy, and there’s a good chance that not every day will go perfectly. Taking the time in the morning to look and feel nice is worth it — because even if your day is full of challenges, at least you looked prepared.

The phrase “the better you dress, the better you test” may be more truthful than you think. Next time you hit snooze and reach for that sweat set, consider the benefits of getting up and dressing for success.