Draw design inspo from iconic TV apartments

Illustration by Kassidy Tsikitas | Photographer

By Bella Whitmore | Intern

As students begin to swap shoebox dorm rooms for spacious apartments, let’s look back at some of the most iconic and memorable apartments on television, finding some fun inspiration for our new spaces along the way.

1. “New Girl”: The loft

For the ones with seemingly countless — maybe even coed — roommates, this one has to be my personal favorite. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this apartment takes a cold, industrial space and turns it into something lively and cozy. Full of warm tones, open windows and innumerable games like “True American,” the loft provides comfort for those on the screen and off. Plus, don’t we all need a Nick Miller in our lives?

2. “Friends”: Monica’s apartment

Arguably the most iconic and recognizable on the list, this apartment is the ultimate hangout spot. With its ’90s feel and pastel purple walls, this one is for those who like to keep things tidy yet fun. The bursts of color, kitschy fridge magnets and constant flow of people within the space give the apartment an undeniable charm. Just try not to spy on your neighbors through an unnecessarily large window.

3. “Emily in Paris”: Emily’s apartment

If you’re attempting to make a home out of a seemingly foreign and cold place, this one goes out to you. Emily makes the space her own with her spirited and funky style in a city that does not exactly welcome her with open arms. There aren’t many scenes of the apartment, but when there are, Emily’s bedroom steals the show with its spunky headboard and brightly-colored clothing rack. Pro tip: Always introduce yourself to your downstairs neighbors.

4. “iCarly”: Spencer and Carly’s apartment

For the lovers of all things colorful and fun, this apartment provides no shortage of wacky and unique pieces. This apartment is decked out with sculptures, monkeys on windows and multi-colored kitchen appliances. Carly’s room was my ultimate childhood dream growing up, and I begged my parents for the infamous ice cream sandwich ottoman and gummy bear lamp. Sure, this one’s a bit impractical, but it is undeniably fun.

5. “Full House”: DJ and Stephanie’s room

Although this mention is admittedly a part of a house and not an apartment, this room provides inspiration for those still living in close quarters with a roommate. It is particularly interesting because it changes and reflects each girl’s personal style through the different phases of their lives. Through all the makeup, magazines and family drama that takes place in this room, the quaint twin beds and bay window keep it nostalgic and cute.