A&L Desk recs: Our favorite summer activities

Graphic illustration by Grace Everett | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

As the hotly-anticipated summer vacation approaches, you may be wondering what to do with all that spare time now that classes are out. Although some of us may be working a job or internship, here are our favorite things to do with our down time during the summer months if you’d like to do something other than scroll on social media all day.

Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

During the summer, I often take hours each day to sit in my room and paint. I’ll put my favorite summertime playlist on or maybe my favorite TV show (who else is sad about ‘New Girl’ leaving Netflix?) and just paint away. It’s pretty relaxing to just sit on my floor and get paint all over my hands, and being able to look back at the finished product is super satisfying.

When I’m feeling like getting out of the house, I either sit in my backyard and read a book or I may hit the trails on my bike on a crisp morning. Either way, my perfect summer day has to include going to the pool and munching on some watermelon and demolishing the largest sweet tea you’ve ever seen in your whole life. Even just writing this makes me unreasonably excited to do this all over again just like I have for the past few summers. It just never gets old.

Olivia Turner | Arts and Life Writer

My favorite summer activity of all time is going to the beach, and it always has been. Migrating between taking a refreshing dip in the cold lake and laying out in the sun is my best hot summer day pastime. The possibilities at the beach are endless; like swimming, water games, paddleboarding, paddleboating, making sandcastles or even just tanning and talking hold of so many good memories. Plus, beach snacks are the absolute best. Whether it’s a Caprisun, a popscicle or even just a bag of pretzels, they always taste so good after a long swim.

Another fun summer day activity is hiking. When I hike, it’s more than a walk, it’s exploring. Just looking at all the greenery and breathing the fresh air feels so invigorating. Besides, with hikes usually come views, which makes all the muscle burn and huffing and puffing worth it. If you need to clear your head, take a nice solo hike, or if you’re looking for something to do with your family, a group hike is also the perfect outdoorsy summer activity.

Maximilian Diehl | Arts and Life Writer

Besides taking two courses this summer, I will be working on the board of a nonprofit. I also plan to fly up to Boston to see family and go to the beach in Maine. I also hope that the Boston Celtics will still be playing at this point in the year, as I will catch a playoff game if they are still in the race. I will also likely go on a diving trip somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.