Arabic studies, astronomy among least-enrolled majors at Baylor

Olivia Havre | Photographer

By Maximilian Diehl | Staff Writer

Of the 125 majors offered at Baylor, Baylor’s data shows that 26 among them have fewer than 10 students enrolled, and a whopping seven majors with a sole student. A single sophomore is majoring in Astronomy, one senior remains as the last of Baylor’s German department and two different education majors have one last student in their senior year. As the general enrollment of the school has exploded, these students have been resolute in their paths through education and will graduate from Baylor with a truly unique degree.

Associate Dean of the Office of Engaged Learning Dr. Andrew Hogue has long been dedicated to creating an environment in which unique paths through college can be achieved.

“One of the unique things about Baylor is that students are able to pursue their interests in highly tailored ways. That just doesn’t happen everywhere,” Hogue said. “We’re in the business of helping students make an impact in the world, and so we always encourage them to pursue studies that are suited to the ways they hope to do that, regardless of the size of the major.”

Huntsville senior Saakshi Mathew, one of eight students in Baylor’s Arabic studies program, said she feels strongly that her college experience has been heavily defined by the intimacy of her small major.

“Due to the nature of the program being both small and language based, I’ve found that my grasp on the content is far greater than I had expected,” Mathew said. “It’s really unique and incredibly gratifying.”