Stanley water cups are just another fad

Reusable water bottles, such as Hydroflasks and Stanleys, are an alternative to plastic water bottles. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer

By Kassidy Tsikitas | Staff Writer

As an out-of-state student, I find myself flying and driving across the country quite often. Instead of wasting a bunch of money on water in gas stations and stores, I keep a water bottle at hand to last me the duration of the trip, but finding the perfect brand can be hard.

The first thing I look at is the difference in prices and what each company has to offer. Hydro Flask offers sizes ranging from 12-128 oz, along with several other products such as wine cups, coolers and even accessories. Personally, my favorite accessory for my Hydro Flask is my flower-patterned paracord handle. It comes with a compass and a whistle and makes holding the bottle so much easier.

I got my first Hydro Flask when the whole “VSCO girl” trend was big around 2019, and I was a die-hard fan. My hydro was yellow and 21 oz — small enough to put in the cupholder in a car — but the main problem was not having enough water to last for practices and games. The one major con for Hydro Flasks is that no matter what size you get, you’ll have to risk not being able to sustain enough water for the entire day or not fitting in a cup holder.

Stanley cups have recently been blowing up due to social media platforms like TikTok. This tumbler is available from 12-64 oz. The one big pro about having a Stanley is having the handle on the side of the cup, whereas if you hold Hydro Flasks from the lid handle and don’t put the cap on the right, it won’t end well. We have all had that one horror story.

To keep comparing Hydro Flasks and Stanleys, they pretty much cost the same, but you are more likely to find a Hydro Flask on sale. They both range from $35-$50, depending on the size you get.

Another thing they have in common is the spilling problem. Stanley cups leak when you just tip it just a tad. Although Hydro Flasks are clearly the better product, my biggest spilling problem is from that. I have had so many days where my backpack has been soaked from the bottle spilling everywhere.

If you are still wondering which one to go with, I would say the obvious winner is Hydro Flask. It is affordable, great for outdoor and indoor activities and it’s easier to decorate with stickers. Unlike Stanley cups, Hydro Flask offers a variety of lids, like a screw-on one or simple collapsible straw.