Feel-good shows for your break binge

Spring break is the perfect time to relax and catch up on some new TV shows. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer

By Olivia Turner | Staff Writer

For some, spring break is a time for traveling and having adventures, and for others, it’s a time to rest and recuperate after those tough winter weeks and midterms.

If you’re a member of the latter group, I recommend plopping down on the couch to binge some of your favorite shows or movies. Spending time with some cheerful television personalities that make me laugh or put a smile on my face always leaves me feeling energized, and what better time to do so than spring break?

Whether you’re looking for something familiar or something a little off your radar for your marathon, hopefully these feel-good recommendations can lift your spirits and get you back into fighting shape for the remaining weeks of classes.

1. “New Girl” (Netflix)

“New Girl” is many things — quirky, uplifting and even cringey at times, but it’s never boring. All of which makes it the perfect contestant for your spring break binge. Follow the hectic happenings of Jess (Zooey Deschanel), an eccentric woman determined to fulfill her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. Her life only gets crazier when she moves into an apartment full of three guys: Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris), who stick with her through thick and thin.

You’re likely to experience Netflix’s “Are you still watching…?” feature when getting caught up in Jess’s comical day-to-day.

Each one of these roommates’ iconic personalities are what makes “New Girl” so endearing. Although I’ve already gone through my “New Girl” craze, I still come back to watch my favorite episodes occasionally because I miss Jess and
the guys.

2. “Somebody Feed Phil” (Netflix)

If you love food, film and fantastic theme songs, you’re sure to love Phil. In this food documentary series, Phil Rosenthal, creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” explores the world with his camera crew, eating delicious dishes from each country along the way. He even has an Austin episode, trying local favorites like Torchy’s and Amy’s.

When watching “Phil,” I can’t help but feel at home. He talks to the camera like a friend, eagerly describing the people, places and foods he encounters with the utmost respect and gratitude. There’s nothing he won’t try. His wholesome demeanor, openness to new experiences and priceless facial expressions are what make “Somebody Feed Phil” worth
the watch.

3. “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” (Netflix)

Take a look into the lives of some of today’s hottest celebrities with David Letterman in this interview-style show. Each episode features a unique setting reflecting Letterman’s subject, usually their homes, private studios or favorite places. The environment Letterman creates in his interviews is so natural and comforting that it feels like catching up with an old friend.

Letterman’s charismatic interviews are what make this show a must-watch, providing viewers with stories and commentary from icons that often can’t be found anywhere else. Thanks to this show, I have found myself obsessing and Googling celebrities I never found interesting before.

4. “Our Flag Means Death” (HBO Max)

We venture away from the world of Netflix and into the land of HBO Max with this original rom-com. When Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) ditches his gentlemanly life of leisure for that of a pirate, things don’t always go as planned, especially when he crosses paths with the fearsome Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). Waititi is also a director and executive producer of the show. Think pirate adventures, but with a surprisingly wholesome twist.

There’s something about shows that pair historical settings with modern comedy that just tickles me, and “Our Flag Means Death” has plenty of that to go around. The character of each member of the crew had me rooting for their pirating success from the very start, though sometimes attained by silly and unconventional means. Though comedic for the most part, watch out. The ending of this season will leave you hooked for the next.