A&L Tunes-day: Feb. 14

Graphic illustration by Olivia Havre | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

If you’re in search of the week’s best new music, look no further. Here’s a short list of the music worth a listen to start your week off right.

“Goodbye Texas” by Harriette (Feb. 7)

Before its release, this song gained some traction on TikTok for its classic country sound, a diversion from popular radio country hits. The bluebonnet, hot-headed sunset, yellow roses and Lone Star state imagery hits home, but the singer spends the song planning her get-away. It’s a surprisingly cheerful-sounding story of leaving one’s home state and family on political lines and an enjoyable listen.

“I’m Not Pretty” by Meg Moroney (Feb. 10)

This song is the musical equivalent of a pink, glittery cowboy hat. The twangy voice of Moroney is the silver sequin trim on the brim of the hat — a perfect touch. It’s a different take on a breakup song involving another woman. In “I’m Not Pretty,” Moroney warmly laughs at her ex’s new girlfriend who must be stalking her Instagram profile, tearing her down to make herself feel better. This fresh, “girl’s girl” perspective is appreciated.

“Let Me Go” by Daniel Caesar (Feb. 10)

It’s clear to see why Daniel Caesar is one of the most prominent voices in modern R&B with songs like “Let Me Go.” His vocals are smooth and deep, making for a really satisfying listening experience. This song itself is laid back and slow, which I find perfect for studying, but prepare to be distracted by Caesar’s falsetto.

“(You) On My Arm” by Leith Ross (Feb. 10)

If gushy indie music is your jam, you’ll love really anything by Leith Ross. “(You) On My Arm” comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s a soft song with lovely lyrics that just make the rest of us want to lie down in the street a little bit.

“The News” & “Liar” by Paramore (Feb. 10)

Paramore’s long-awaited album “This Is Why” finally dropped last Friday, showcasing front woman Hayley Williams’ bright orange hair and frustration with the modern age. “The News” strikes home with its lyrics lamenting the negativity shown on the news. Mixed with Williams’ famous belting, “The News” is 2023 in a nutshell.

“Liar” just couldn’t go without mention. It’s one of the more mellow songs on “This Is Why,” which is why it stands out amongst the rest. “Liar” shows off Williams’ higher vocal range in the most beautiful way with moody guitar and understated drums. It comes only three tracks from the bottom of the record, winding down the album — and this week’s list — perfectly.