Homesickness is normal across all classes

By Kaitlin Sides | Reporter

Going to college is hard. Homesickness is often talked about regarding freshmen, but it is common for upperclassmen too.

As summer ends and you are all packed up to head back to Waco, it can feel like you are leaving a piece of your life behind to go start something new all over again. It isn’t easy leaving your fun summer job with no rules or your internship where you were unpaid and just got the boss’ coffee. But once you move back to Waco, it feels completely normal again — until it doesn’t.

Once classes get going and you have found your new best friends, you might not miss home. But in those still moments when nothing is happening, you start to wonder about home. You wonder about waking up late, not having a pile of assignments and seeing your childhood pets.

And that’s OK.

College can feel overwhelming and like a lion’s den at times, even as a sophomore or upperclassman. When you are facing a hard major with an even more confusing professor and ever-changing social norms, it’s overwhelming. Going home to feel peace and comfort from your loved ones is normal.

Going home once a month — or even three times a month — is no big deal. There are many ways to beat homesickness, but when they’re just not working, it’s healthy to go home.

There are also many out-of-state students at Baylor who aren’t able to go home as often. But when offered the chance, it is OK to take it and visit.

In times when you are unable to go home, find peace in knowing Waco is your new temporary home. Enjoy those small moments with your college friends.

Students don’t usually speak proudly about how they miss home, but deep down, everyone has a piece of them that misses how their life was before college.

Kaitlin Sides is a Junior journalism major with a corporate communications minor. She is excited to be a part of the Lariat TV News staff as a broadcast reporter. In the future she hopes to work as a full time video editor in Charleston, South Carolina, or work for a fashion magazine. When not working, she enjoys spending time at Pinewood Coffee shop or time with her friends!