Students express thoughts on full-service Chick-fil-A

The Chick-fil-A in the Bill Daniel Student Center now has a full menu, but also much longer lines. Grace Everett | Photo Editor

By Kaitlin Sides | Reporter

Since the newly-renovated Chick-fil-A in the Bill Daniel Student Center opened, students have expressed mixed opinions on its new full-service format.

With the grab-and-go offering no longer existing, the Chick-fil-A now relies on guests placing orders through GrubHub tablets and the traditional cashier at a register arrangement. After placing an order, guests are given a yellow slip with their order number, which will appear on a TV monitor as the workers call it out.

Aramark district manager Sean McMahon said he believes students are loving the expanded menu and the convenience of mobile ordering.

“They no longer have to go across I-35 to get their favorite milkshake or salad,” McMahon said.

Houston sophomore Miranda Morris said she is excited she can now use GrubHub to order her food.

“I think the new Chick-fil-A is made efficient with GrubHub. GrubHub offers an opportunity for you to order ahead so that you can work on homework while they’re preparing your meal. I think it looks nice. I like all the renovations they made,” Morris said.

Many students have expressed they are ecstatic the Chick-fil-A is much simpler to navigate. Some students have different allergies and health complications that has made it harder for them to find places to eat on Baylor’s campus in the past. But since the new renovations to the SUB Chick-fil-A they have more freedom to modify menu items.

Edmond, Okla., sophomore Halle Harrison said she likes that she can now customize her salads.

“I like that there’s more options, and I like that you can order ahead. But sometimes it takes a little bit longer so I can’t really pick it up in between classes,” Harrison said.

Some students haven’t thought about the change too much, but others have expressed having bad experiences. Many are frustrated that everything is made to order, and through GrubHub. With only 15 minutes separating classes, it has become harder to grab food now that the Chick-fil-A is not self-serve.

“I’ve only been to the SUB Chick-fil-A once, and it took forever for us to get our food,” Houston freshman Autumn Malone said.

McKinney sophomore Sophie LaLonde said she sees the reasoning for the switch because food would often run out, and the system seemed broken. However, she would have rather it the original way.

“I prefer how they had it before. I think they could make some improvements to make the system more efficient,” LaLonde said.