Student living should be easier, healthier in Waco

By Maggie Alexander | Social Media Editor

As a student body, we are blessed with our on-campus accessibility and lifestyle. However, college is fast-paced, and it’s time that the city of Waco caught up with that. I believe there are many aspects of a city that Waco is missing that could help students navigate college life and young adulthood easier, more efficiently and healthier.

The first and foremost commodity I believe Waco is missing is Trader Joe’s. For those who are unfamiliar with Trader Joe’s, it’s a national chain grocery store that offers unique products on a student-friendly budget. Trader Joe’s is known for its food items that dominate its customers’ refrigerators and pantries. Ranging from a unique ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning to its famous mandarin orange chicken, you can’t go wrong grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. At a more affordable price than grocery store competitors, students would have the opportunity to stock up on healthy, easy meals to last through their week. Food options at Trader Joe’s are endless, and its unique specialized meals and ingredients would be beneficial for student grocery shopping and eating.

Almost all Baylor students are familiar with the coined “Grease Pit” located directly west of I-35 and Baylor’s campus. The “Grease Pit” has its name for a reason. There. you can find almost any fast food place to satisfy a craving; however, I see a gap in the market. You might easily be able to find a fried sandwich or a milkshake, but where can you find a fresh, healthy salad? Ordering takeout at a restaurant is inconvenient and expensive, but a build-your-own salad bar option such as Salata would be a healthy and fast alternative for students.

Lastly, I believe Waco’s student population could drastically benefit from a scooter transportation system stationed east of I-35. Driving around downtown Waco, you might casually see a few of Blue Duck’s scooters — a convenient way of transportation. However, imagine a booming supply of scooters located on and around Baylor’s campus. This would not only be enjoyable for students but also be accessible for a fast-paced student lifestyle. Whether that be catching a ride to class or going to McLane Stadium on game days, scooter transportation could make getting around Waco easier.

Trader Joe’s, scooters and healthy eating spots could change the way Baylor students live their day-to-day lives, but that is a small list of the potential Waco has as a city. Waco is only going up from here, so as students, let us embrace the future changes to hopefully come to promote an easier and healthier lifestyle.