Review: ‘Moon Knight’ episode one sets stage for entire season

Photo courtesy of IMDb

By Foster Nicholas | Reporter

The first Marvel series to hit Disney+ in 2022 released on Tuesday and did not disappoint viewers. “Moon Knight” episode one was filled with several hidden treasures and set the stage for the rest of the season. While it is still unknown how this character will fit into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s clear this series will reveal that along the way while also bringing a new personality to more films.

While all Marvel series and movies are typically must-watches, I have to say that my expectations for “Moon Knight” were extremely high. Although I don’t personally know the story from the comics and hints in other films, it still intrigued me. In my opinion, the best part of the show is it stands alone and highlights the story of the character.

The story is about a man with dissociative identity disorder who shares a body with a mercenary who turns out to be the hero, Moon Knight. In the first episode of the series, they highlight Steven Grant, an identity of Moon Knight. The show does a great job in this episode of developing the character and helping the viewers understand their struggles. While the episode doesn’t resolve much, it does create several big plot lines that can be followed throughout the rest of the series.

There were several hints in the first episode that clue the viewer toward an epic ancient Egyptian-style climax. While Steven works at a museum as a gift shop employee he has a focus on Egyptian artifacts, and it seems like that will carry over throughout the series and become extremely important. The story of Moon Knight goes in depth about ancient Egyptian past while presenting current issues within the storyline.

My biggest frustration after the first episode of the show is that I cannot tell how this character will fit into the future of the MCU. I feel like Marvel Studios could have focused its time elsewhere to create something that could turn into multiple shows and movies.

It’s hard for me to believe this is just going to be a stand-alone series, but after one episode the show has many easter eggs that only highlight the character’s past from comic books. While I think it will be interesting to see how this character develops, I hoped for more visible longevity for the series.

As with all Marvel films, the action, comedy, editing and entertainment aspects of the show were on point. The first episode displayed many shots that showed off the unique style used at Marvel Studios and also fully let loose the action scenes by creating an epic beginning to the show.

Overall I believe the show has so much potential and after just one episode it has me and several other fans extremely excited. The only flaws seem to be nit-picky and will most likely be nonexistent after the show releases several more episodes. “Moon Knight” is a must-watch for all Marvel, superhero or plain entertainment fans.