Creative Waco, Dr Pepper Museum collaborate on new mural

Creative Waco reveals a new mural on the Dr Pepper Museum painted by students of the Free Enterprise Institute for ARTPrenticeship. Photo courtesy of Foster Nicholas

By Foster Nicholas | Reporter

On Tuesday, Creative Waco revealed the final version of a brand new mural that is on the Dr Pepper Museum. The mural is named “If you feel up to it, you should introduce yourself to a stranger today.” This collaboration aimed to create a brand new look to the outside of the museum and give opportunities to students looking to get more experience with art.

The project began in early October when a group of students with Creative Waco were brought to the Dr Pepper Museum to create a mural that could inspire change and raise funds for the group. Caitlin Anderson is the communications manager at the museum and she worked hand in hand with Creative Waco to plan out the mural.

“We had a very clear desire to keep the ‘Be A Pepper’ design, but visual and logo aspects were up to them,” Anderson said.

The artists behind the new mural are students involved in the Free Enterprise Institute for ARTPrenticeship. They worked until mid-January to create the mural and construct the vision of the museum while involving their own creative decisions. The mural runs along the back of the museum on Jackson avenue between Fourth and Fifth street.

“It fits really well with the rest of the block,” Regina Moore said as she walked down the street with her dog. “I really like the bright colors, it’s a good addition.”

As well as revealing the mural, the apprentices also created a documentary time lapse of them creating the painting and commentary of how they came to decide on the design.

Although the mural was finished in January, Tuesday evening was the first time that a true look behind the scenes was given. Commentary was also given by Creative Waco, hinting at another project they will be working on soon at a metal building.