Leave Diadeloso to los osos

By Kourtney David | Copy Editor

If you’re in the Baylor bubble, you know Diadeloso is the best holiday of the year. It’s one Tuesday a year when Baylor students are encouraged to let loose on the university’s time and enjoy a closing spring semester. That is, unless you’re stuck inside Moody Memorial Library trying to catch up from the last nine weeks, your professor still assigned homework, or even worse, you have an exam the day after. That is not what Diadeloso is about. Where did we go wrong?

The term Diadeloso was coined in 1966, but it started as All-University Day under Pat Neff’s presidency in the 1930s. Neff started the tradition to give Baylor students a full-day break from the tumultuous times of the 1930s. The day was meant to promote fellowship. Since then, the event has changed management and taken on many names, and it seems like the spirit of Diadeloso has also been lost.

On a university holiday with a deep-rooted history in rest from hard work and stress, students shouldn’t have to sacrifice their time to keep up with school. Professors shouldn’t be giving exams the day after or assigning things to be due on Diadeloso for any reason, as they’re given the date far enough in advance to move things around and be fair. If your syllabus can state there are no makeup exam dates, no excused absences and no dropped grades, I think students can demand a little respect for this one day.

I would understand the tension if Diadeloso were a student-made thing, like a senior skip day. But it’s not. The university hosts tons of activities throughout the entire day that students are encouraged to attend, including a cornhole tournament, goat yoga and tug of war. There’s even a concert typically in the evening to wrap up the day. You tell me what you’re picking — your 9:30 a.m. biology exam or a concert you can hear clear across campus.

Let’s get back to what Diadeloso is all about: promoting student morale and bringing together the university. Professors, I’m begging you to give students this Diadeloso off, especially considering it’ll be a first time for many and a bitter last for the seniors. Maybe even take the day off for yourself.

This year, Diadeloso is on April 5, with events starting at 8 a.m. and closing in the evening. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re in it for sports in the sun or the Apollo LTD concert later in the evening. If possible, I hope you take the day off and enjoy life as a Bear. It’s your day.