Actually, life is great and you have time

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By Siegrid Massie | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

Speaking from experience, it’s incredibly easy to forget that life is beautiful. It’s easy to get sucked down into a rut, feel like there’s nothing besides the mundane everyday schedule and constantly be on the run without time to savor anything. I’ve asked myself repeatedly, “Are the people who romanticize their lives the only ones with perfectly manicured lives, so much time on their hands and boundless optimism?”

I used to be annoyed by these types of people because deep down, I envied the peaceful contentment they seemed to live their lives with. Their joy didn’t seem to come from finishing a task the quickest, getting the best grade in the class or spending the most time in the gym. Romanticizing their lives came from a place of gratitude, love and openness to fully experience whatever life might throw at them — one moment at a time.

Once I realized that this was a choice, I tried to become more intentional with the lens through which I view life. Instead of just hustling to class in the mornings without a thought of anything besides the piles of work ahead, I fully enjoyed that new song I had found from TikTok last night. When I met up with friends, I stayed fully present in the moment to hear what was new for them (knowing that this wouldn’t last forever when graduation rolls around in May). When I felt myself get down about all of the things I need to do — and the lack of time to do them — I made myself recognize what a privilege it was to get an education, meet the people who have become friends and mentors in my life and wake up every day to a new beginning.

The reality is that there are small mercies every day. That first cup of coffee hitting the spot in the morning, your friend who you haven’t heard from in a while texting you out of the blue, getting an encouraging comment from a professor or having enough time to do that hobby that always makes you happy — those are all blessings that we can choose to acknowledge.

Your life doesn’t have to constantly be “Instagrammable” and perfect to romanticize life. This mindset isn’t dependent on having the “right clothes,” the “right grades,” the “right partner” or the “right body.” All it takes is the right attitude. Is every day going to be the best day? No, but life is a lot more enjoyable when you appreciate the best out of every day.