Adele’s “30” would be better without these four songs

Photo courtesy of Spotify

By Rachel Royster | News Editor

Adele’s music has typically been regarded as something to either sob to or show off your lung capacity with. The newest album is still perfect for a late-night drive when you need to feel out all your emotions, but Adele did something unique with “30.

Each of the first eight songs bring something creative to the table, whether it be the incorporation of conversations with her son in “My Little Love,” or the emotional vulnerability of the lyrics in “I Drink Wine.”

When you listen to the lyrics of each song, you are easily moved to feel exactly what Adele felt as she wrote the words herself. If her singing couldn’t create a heartbroken emotion in you, surely the words she speaks to her son or into a voice recorder will.

Even still, I can only bring myself to say overall, the album is merely a seven out of 10 — it contains some of the best songs I’ve heard her create, but as soon as you get to the last third of the album, it seems like she ran out of gas.

“Woman Like Me,” “Hold On,” “To Be Loved” and “Love Is A Game” are four back-to-back songs that seem like the same five to seven minute song as different remixes of each other. Every song up to “All Night Parking” has something new and different compared to the rest of her work, and then you just hear the same thing on repeat with the last four songs.

I understand she’s processing and grieving the loss of her three-year marriage, and that writing music as a therapeutic release is common for a lot of artists, but 12 songs about the same thing for close to an hour demands a lot of creativity. Adele is not unoriginal, I simply think she used up all her ideas on the first eight songs.