Weekly Review: Po’ Boy Place

Po' Boy Place, located in Union Hall, brings authentic New Orleans-style cuisine to Waco. Grace Fortier | Photographer

By Kamri Alexander | Reporter

Waco only has a few restaurants that advertise authentic creole and cajun food, and one of those is Po’ Boy Place. Specializing in New Orleans po’boys, they’re offering up sandwiches packed with fixings, loaded fries and more.

Cajun Philly

My personal go-to at Po’ Boy Place is their Cajun Philly Po’Boy. It’s their twist on the the Philly cheesesteak with some cajun additions. We will get to some of the fun inclusions to their sandwich, but the star is the beef. Their sliced beef is well seasoned with cajun spices, straying from traditional Philly cheesesteak seasoning, while also remaining juicy and well cooked. It can be easy to overcook beef sliced that thinly, but they have figured it out.

The sandwich gets more fun with bacon and its cajun ranch. The ranch again highlights that this sandwich is undeniably New Orleans, with deep cajun flavors but it isn’t overwhelmingly spicy.

Po’ Boy Place has managed to marry the Philly cheesesteak together with the po’boy with all the toppings included. No Philly cheesesteak is complete without onions and peppers, but neither is a po’boy without the lettuce, tomato and pickles. Good thing this sandwich has all of those toppings, and they work well together.

Cajun Fries

I’ve also gotten to try their cajun fries and they were simple, but delicious. It’s a good fry tossed in cajun seasoning that’s really enjoyable. I’ve tried eating them at their location in Union Hall and to-go, and I would honestly recommend getting the fries if you’re going to eat them there. Sogginess can disqualify even the most delicious fry.

You can also get their fries loaded at McLane Stadium during home games. If spiciness is your thing, try their loaded hot chicken fries. It features their hot chicken, cajun ranch, slaw and pickles, and makes for a fun addition to McLane’s food offerings.


When I think about classic New Orleans, beignets are one of the first things that come to mind and Po’ Boy Place’s beignets are seriously good. The fried dough is dusted with the perfect amount of powdered sugar right out of the fryer that makes for a great post-po’boy treat. Bonus, you can grab these at McLane as well.

Next time you’re in Union Hall and trying to pick from all of their options, give some of these options a try.