Review: Slow Rise Slice House dishes out perfect eats, treats

With New York-style pizza and a modern interior, Slow Rise Slice House sits in the perfect location for Baylor students. Olivia Martin | Photo Editor

By Skylla Mumana | Reporter

Another day, another meal to have. But when the dining hall is closed and all desire to cook has flown out the window, what’s a Baylor student to do? Go to a restaurant or fast food place in the infamous grease pit?

I decided to branch out a bit further, to a pizza place about 20 minutes from campus called Slow Rise Slice House.

Slow Rise Slice House is a pizzeria and bar on Woodway Drive in Waco. They serve New York-style pizza made from scratch. The restaurant is owned by Waco natives, and it has multigenerational roots within the city. The owners said they chose Woodway Drive as a spot for their restaurant because the area was lacking in new, fun spots for everyone to enjoy.

After doing a bit of research, I saw the place had four stars on Yelp and numerous positive reviews. When I first walked into the restaurant, I immediately noticed it had a lot of modern furniture and lighting. There were paintings hung up and large windows that let in a lot of natural light, giving the interior a really nice aesthetic. Looking at its extensive menu, I was a bit overwhelmed. There was so much to choose from, so I went ahead and asked the cashier about their most popular menu items to see what I should try.

The first thing he recommended for me to try were the wings. From the multiple flavors that were available, I went ahead with the mild buffalo flavor. If I had to give this dish a rating, I’d rate it a solid 5/5. The wings were tender, flavorful and came with a good amount of sauce on them. There weren’t too many, so it could be a really good appetizer to share if you went out to dinner with a friend, or something good to eat if you were looking for something quick to have by yourself.

The next thing he recommended for me to try were the loaded fries. I’m a fan of loaded fries, but what I hate about them is that they can get soggy really quickly. I also don’t like when there are too many toppings, because if the loaded fries are more chives than fries, are they REALLY fries? However, the loaded fries from here were super crispy, and the amount of toppings were just right. I was not exactly a fan of the sauce they piled on the fries though. It was a bit bland. For that reason, I would rate them a 3/5.

Finally, the last thing that was recommended was one of their pizza slices. They sell their slices individually, or if you’re with a group of friends you can order an entire pie. I went ahead and bought the signature pepperoni slice. At first I thought that it was a bit pricey, however once they brought it out I realized that I was definitely getting my money’s worth.

It was a gigantic slice that came with a lot of pepperoni. The bottom of the slice was crispy, and the crust was super crunchy, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. One thing I hate about pizza sometimes is that it can be greasy or too cheesy. However this slice had the perfect cheese to sauce ratio, with little to no grease on it. If I had to give this item a rating, it’s definitely a 5/5.

Overall, if you’re looking for a nice place to grab a bite to eat, then I’d definitely recommend Slow Rise Slice House.