Weekly Review: 1102 Bubble Tea & Coffee

1102 Bubble Tea & Coffee is a local tea shop located on South Seventh Street that offers milk teas, smoothies, and other drink options. Erianne Lewis | Arts & Life Editor

By Erianne Lewis | Arts and Life Editor

I have been to 1102 a couple times, but I usually stick to the same thing: almond milk tea with 100% sweetness and boba.

This time I decided to venture out and try something new, and spoiler alert, I was not disappointed.

1102 Bubble Tea & Coffee offers different drink options, from milk teas to smoothies and Italian soda. They really have a wide range to choose from.

Aside from the drinks, I honestly loved the atmosphere as well. The garden theme is unique and inviting. I like that they have little nooks where you can sit and converse, study or just enjoy your drink.

The customer service is top-tier, and they are very patient and don’t mind answering questions, which is really nice if you are indecisive like me. After going back and forth with myself, I finally decided to order the coconut milk tea with 75% sweetness and boba and the mango smoothie with boba. My friend decided to order a creme brulee, as well.

When I walked in it wasn’t very crowded, but I was still surprised with how quickly our items came out. Upon first sip, I instantly fell in love with the coconut milk tea.

I will admit I was skeptical at first, but it really surprised me. I’ve recently started really liking coconut-flavored things and this drink heightened my feelings toward those flavors. I believe the 75% sweetness was perfect for me because it wasn’t too sweet, nor did it lack sweetness. I usually order 100% sweetness at milk tea places when I can, but I decided to lower the percentage today, and I am glad I did. I would rate this drink a 4/5.

The mango smoothie was pretty good, and I enjoyed its consistency. I probably would go without the boba in the future for this drink because I felt like I was just chewing the entire time. I also didn’t like that the boba was warm and the smoothie was cold; it just kind of threw me off. Overall, I would give the smoothie a 3/5, but it definitely has 5/5 potential, maybe without boba next time.

Now for the most unexpected item on this list: the creme brulee. When I was driving my friends to 1102, we were talking about what we were going to order when my friend said that she was going to get the creme brulee. Now, I’m not sure why I was so shocked by that, but I was excited to see how it tasted. The first thing that stood out to me was the presentation. It was placed in a container instead of in a circular dish, like I’ve been used to seeing. It did, however, taste really good. My friend even rated it a 5/5 and I would say it was a 4/5.

If you like milk tea, coffee, smoothies or even creme brulee, I would recommend stopping by 1102. The atmosphere is cute, the workers are nice and there are a lot of items on the menu to choose from.