Being a homebody is OK

Photo courtesy of Gierra Cottingham

By Gierra Cottingham | Reporter

To all who may relate, staying isolated in your room is not the best time. There’s nothing compared to the adrenaline rush of getting ready to leave your house, socialize and be present publicly. However, falling in love with your space will make being a homebody OK.

The luxury of coming back to a clean hotel room feels refreshing. That exact sensation can be accomplished by simply tidying your bed, intaking calm scents and putting forth the effort to stay active at home. Also, implementing a placement system for every item surrounding you — so that it can’t be easily thrown — is important. Avoiding the creeping of a disastrous space starts with working smarter, not harder.

Many students may face boredom after school and a fear of missing out. Getting hit with an overload of work and feeling lonely in your room can feel diminishing. However, our access to self-care and activity, if utilized correctly, can coordinate a full day as a homebody. And while it’s easy to get looped into searching for what’s outside our door, the calm sense of staying home can have great effects on our mental health and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a homebody, your area creates a vibe for yourself and others. Your confidence to invite people over excels, and you begin to love hosting. Eventually, your upkeep qualities will lead you not only to inspire others with your homebody growth but also to convert your home into hangout headquarters. Toward the end of the night, you’re rewarded with only having to walk to your room when the party ends, while the others have to transport home.

Committing yourself to stay home for the night pays off sooner than the blink of an eye. I adore the feeling of drowsing off unexpectedly and waking up rested because I decided to stay home the night before. More sleep can be implemented by becoming a homebody. Instead of rushing to close your eyes, you settle in, scroll through your next day’s tasks and rejuvenate.

The ability to experience self-growth and to create personal tasks at home promotes efficiency and increases productivity. While being at home, there’s typically always a task to be fulfilled. Whether it’s washing dishes, reorganizing the bathroom drawers or warming up your next meal, these tasks can be done efficiently without much energy being wasted on worrying about others.

Creating love between you and your space enables you to enjoy coming home, settling in and recuperating. Light a candle during homework hours. Listen to music while you shower. Control and alter your room’s lighting often. Taking steps to creating an ambiance that matches the freshness of a hotel — but with scenery that resembles your favorite place in the world — will give you relief. The ambiance is yours to originate; appreciate the privilege of a homebody.

Gierra Cottingham
Gierra Cottingham is a senior journalism major at Baylor University with an added concentration in Business. Born and raised in Houston, TX, she hopes to one day become a broadcast reporter and anchor in an alike major city. Her hobbies include painting, going to the beach and baking. She is also the last of her 3 siblings to graduate.