New exhibit ‘Amarte’ by Beaumont artist highlights Hispanic heritage

A new art exhibit, "Amarte" by Hispanic artist Ines Alvidres, joins the Mayborn Museum. Grace Fortier | Photographer

By Skylla Mumana | Reporter

As part of its Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, the Mayborn Museum Complex unveiled a special art exhibit called “Amarte,” a series of paintings and art displays created by Ines Alvidres.

In her exhibit “Amarte,” Alvidres’ canvas art was displayed along the walls and her recycled art pieces were displayed in glass cases. She featured art that depicted wildlife, flowers, insects and other items that inspired her, such as recycled guitars or old paintbrushes. Each art piece that was displayed came with little explanations as to why she created each piece, and what inspired her to do so.

Ines Alvidres was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and since she was young, she’s always had a passion for art and creation, Alvidres said. After moving to the United States when she was 16, she began her new life in Beaumont surrounded by new faces and feeling homesick. She said that in her senior year of high school after painting a mural in tribute to her home country, she realized that she wanted to be an artist. Since then, through her unique abstract style, Alvidres has aimed to create emotional pieces filled with bursts of color, lines and shapes that bring people together.

“To me, one person by themselves doesn’t make a statement; it’s when they are a group of people that they become the paintings,” Alvidres said.

Lesa Bush, associate director of the Mayborn Museum Complex and adjunct lecturer, helped bring the exhibit to the public. Bush said it takes a whole team of people to organize an exhibit as well as months of planning and meetings for everything to come together. From visitor services, to the education and programs team, everyone had a role to play. Through those roles, Bush and the museum staff have built relationships across Waco, Bush said.

“It’s really about community and making connections, and that’s what we’re here for,” Bush said.

Rebamarie Kachersky is a Hewitt resident who came out to visit the museum and see its new exhibits.

“I came out here to look around because this museum is my favorite. I love the fossils and the exhibits,” Kachersky said.