Crocs: Unquestionably the best shoes for daily life

By Michael Haag | Sports Writer

I have been what’s called a “sneakerhead” for several years, buying any and all of the latest types of shoes. Any of the new sneaker drops and you could expect me to be there. With the new change in the shoe game, bots have taken over and resellers are owning the game. Therefore, I decided one day to give in and buy a pair of Crocs. I had heard really good things about them and figured, why not?

The day I stepped out in my white pair of Crocs was the day my shoe game changed forever. People on TikTok have posted about how once you wear Crocs, you never go back to wearing other shoes. This would be true for me, as well. A day would not go by when I, at some point, did not have my Crocs on. They are by far the most versatile shoes I have ever owned. I have worn them playing basketball, fishing and even going to the beach. They can get the job done in any situation — built for all terrain. I would trust Crocs to allow someone to complete any sort of activity possible. Of all the shoes that I own, I step outside in Crocs at least 90% of the time. They go with any type of outfit, and they can be slipped on with ease.

I have run my Crocs into the ground, with them being the best combination of comfort and convenience. Crocs are truly indestructible, as the rubber shoes can do it all. Whether it’s running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest, there is no doubt in my mind that these shoes could get you through anything alright.

The neat thing about any pair of Crocs is that you can put them in “sports mode.” This is the equivalent of four-wheel drive on a diesel truck. Think of it as a power-up or attribute upgrade in your favorite video game. Putting Crocs in sports mode is the best way to bail you out of some tough situations. Growing up, I would be in a lot of random pickup basketball games and not have basketball shoes. Crocs are perfectly suitable, getting the job done when need be.

Crocs, to me, are the best shoe to own. There is always a time and a place for other shoes, but in terms of daily life, there is no doubt in my mind that Crocs are the best. There is very little you cannot do in Crocs, and going about your day in your favorite comfy pair is the key to being ready for anything.