Dutch Bros will become your new go-to stop

By Grace Fortier | Photographer

We’ve all been patiently watching Dutch Bros get built over in the grease pit. Some students were filled with excitement when they returned to Waco and saw that sign, while some didn’t get the hype. Since I’m an Arizona native, Dutch Bros feel like home, and I’m so excited for it to make its way to Waco.

Dutch Bros is a drive-thru coffee shop based out of Oregon, but it has been popularized throughout California, Arizona and Colorado. Back in January, Dutch Bros opened its first location in Texas in College Station, which was an immediate success. I made the 90-minute drive with some friends when it opened, and we ended up waiting for nearly an hour in line for our drinks. I’ll say it was completely worth the wait.

Everyone from the West Coast understands the obsession. It’s an “if you know, you know” thing. The funny thing is that it’s less about the drink itself and more about the experience you have when you go.

The workers are called “broistas,” and I swear these are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Getting to meet all of them is my favorite part, just because they are so sweet and genuine. Customer experience is definitely something Dutch Bros has in the bag, especially compared to other coffee shops like Starbucks or Dunkin’.

You will typically have to wait in a long line, especially if you go later at night or during a fundraiser event, like Buck for Kids. The “broista” who takes your order will probably ask you a million questions to get to know you and will get oddly close to your car; sometimes, if you give them that bubbly energy back, you’ll even land a free drink.

Make sure to check its website to see the full menu before you go because you’ll notice that it doesn’t actually have its flavors on the menu inside. My personal favorite things to order — and something I’ve gotten all of my Texas friends hooked on — are the rebels. Rebels are an energy drink, similar to Red Bull, and you can get them iced or blended with a million different flavor combinations. Even if you aren’t typically an energy person, just trust me on this one.

If you’re not prepared to wait in line for a while, then I wouldn’t recommend going the first few weeks that Dutch Bros is open, but when you do make it, it’ll become your new go-to stop.