Review: Add Alpha Omega to your local favorites as a healthy Waco food option

Local Mediterranean restaurant, Alpha Omega, provides Baylor students a healthier alternative to fast food. Brittany Tankersley | Photographer.

By Stephanie Muschalik | Guest Contributor

As someone who loves to eat locally, I always try to find small businesses I can support, especially if they are close to campus. However, one of the biggest struggles I see in Waco is finding restaurants where I can eat healthy but still enjoy a freshly cooked, homemade meal.

If this is a problem you also face and need a restaurant that meets these needs, I would highly recommend Alpha Omega Grill and Bakery. Located on 929 Franklin Ave., the restaurant is roughly a seven-minute drive from campus.

This weekend when my mom was in town for Family Weekend, I wanted to treat her to a place she had never been that had items that would be sure to impress her. Alpha Omega did the trick.

We ordered shrimp and chicken gyros with a side of their house-made feta fries, and they did not disappoint. I found myself craving this meal less than 24 hours later: warm pita bread, fresh sauces and veggies stuffed inside with feta fries fresh out of the fryer. Other food options include greek salad, hummus, calamari and even coffee and smoothies.

Alpha Omega is the type of place where I could get the same meal every day of the week and still be left wanting it again and again. When I eat at restaurants, I look for consistency, and they genuinely remain concise and consistent with their food every time.

I also have to wait at restaurants for longer periods of time in Waco, especially on weekends and on game days. At Alpha Omega, you walk right in and order at the counter and get your food minutes after you order.

Although I love Alpha Omega, and have little to no complaints, I would say to be prepared as the restaurant is exceptionally dark and it is challenging to see the menu at times. I also wish that there were descriptions and pictures to go along with each dish on the menu in the restaurant to know precisely what was coming with your meal and what to expect. It is tempting to try things I had not heard of, but I stuck with what I had, since there was no description.

If you find yourself on the other side of the interstate, I would highly recommend going to Alpha Omega and trying their fresh Greek food. I will certainly be taking my friends and family back to try their meals.