Baylor soccer gets big boost being back home

Junior midfielder Maddie Algya passes the ball up the field against Nebraska. Photo by Audrey La | Photographer

By Michael Haag | Sports Writer

Baylor soccer is rejuvenated and relieved to be back home for two weeks, as the team enters into the heart of its schedule. The Bears, after drawing a tie in their last match against the University of Oregon, have two more games at home before hitting the road. With its last match going to a double overtime, the team is glad to be able to recoup at home in their own beds.

Graduate student goalkeeper Jennifer Wandt, after receiving her second Big 12 Goalkeeper of the Week award this season and seventh of her career, talked about the impact of being back at home. She said being at home provides a major boost in her play on the field as well as helping her stay on top of schoolwork.

“A lot of times we get into a schedule of being away then being home and it kind of just stays in that schedule,” Wandt said. “To be home for a couple straight weeks; it’s nice to be able to get back into the routine with school and practicing at home and playing with our fans. I was really happy that we got two weekends in a row.”

Sophomore forward Mackenzie Anthony, who scored the first of the team’s two goals last game, agreed with Wandt saying how nice it is to have more comfort playing at home.

“There’s really no better feeling than playing at home,” Anthony said. “Something about sleeping in your own bed and just being on your own home field and your place [is] just more comforting.”

Head coach Paul Jobson was also thrilled to be staying put for awhile. He said the luxury of having a consistent place without change is nice. He’s also glad for the team to be able to be able to focus on schoolwork.

“It’s great. We were just saying the other day [that] you finally get to unpack your bag,” Jobson said. “If it’s one week at home, you usually just leave it on the floor and repack as you go through the week. But, just being able to settle in, get used to things, have your training routine, you’re sleeping in your bed, the girls get to really focus on school really well for two consecutive weeks. There’s a lot of familiarity there.”

The Bears will not hit the road until Sept. 26 when they play Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Up next the Bears will take on Stephen F. Austin State University at 7 p.m. on Thursday followed by a game against the University of San Francisco at noon on Sunday, both at Betty Lou Mays Soccer Field.