Late Night introduces students to all Baylor has to offer

By Tori Templet | Staff Writer

Students seeking to get involved at Baylor were able to explore multiple clubs and organizations Friday during Late Night, where many booths were set up around campus.

Late Night, a program run by Student Activities and over 225 student organizations, takes place during the beginning of every fall semester and allows students to figure out what they want to be a part of at Baylor.

While freshmen were the majority that attended the event, many sophomores showed up as well due to the event being online last year.

Olympia, Washington sophomore Ellie Bocksch was grateful to be able to experience what Late Night is truly supposed to be.

“Last year, due to COVID-19, it was a series of Instagram lives, so we were not fully able to be given the exposure to what these clubs have to offer,” Bocksch said. “It was so fun to see how Late Night is usually done and it was a way better atmosphere to engage with.”

Students in leadership positions within their organization were able to represent their club and speak with prospective members.

Columbia, Missouri junior Annika Moser, who is president of Aero, loved having the opportunity to talk with possible new members of her club.

“I am so passionate about the aerospace industry, so to see the excitement in new students is really inspiring,” Moser said. “I love projects and working with people, so I am just excited to have new members and older members come together to collaborate to make something great. It gives me so much joy and I love getting to be a part of it.”

Dallas freshman Devon Vopni said she was glad to have a set time and place to meet all different kinds of organizations that she could potentially be in.

“This past week showed me how easy it was to meet people through classes, and Late Night allowed me to do that more,” Vopni said. “Community is the most important thing to me, and I am very much an all-in kind of person. I want to be a part of something where everyone is invested. I was really looking forward to Late Night and it did not disappoint.”

With plenty of organizations in attendance, many students felt comforted, as Late Night provides an immersive experience where students do not have to go out of their way to find where they feel they belong.

“Everyone is willing to talk to you, and it was comforting knowing that all of these people want to meet you. It’s not like you have to seek it out and find it yourself,” Vopni said. “Everyone here is here for you.”