Diadeloso Blog: Dr Pepper Hour revamped with more treats

It's Dr Pepper Hour, but with more of what you love. Photo courtesy of Baylor Diadeloso

By Olivia Martin | Social Media Editor

Today I attended my first full Dr Pepper hour! I am a little embarrassed to say that it has taken me three years to finally go, however, I was not disappointed. On top of it being Dr Pepper Hour, everything was themed Diadeloso, in honor of this week’s festivities.

When I first walked into the SUB I noticed the various Diadeloso signs spread throughout the entire room. I followed a crowd of people up to Barfield
Drawing Room (where Dr Pepper hour typically takes place) and found myself amid a group of students and faculty members who were just as excited to be there as I was.

Outside of the drawing room was a table where friendly students were passing out delicious cookies that tasted like fresh, homemade cookies. Following the life-changing cookie experience, I headed into the drawing room which was completely cleared out except for about five tables at the front of the room which were all different stations containing Dr Pepper floats.

Once I got my Dr Pepper float, I followed the signs, (in order to follow COVID-19 guidelines) and headed back out to the main area. The whole event was extremely organized and the people working it were very helpful and kind.

Another fun element to the event was a photo opportunity with a few photo stand-ins (where you stick your head through and take some silly pictures with friends.)

After being in the main area for a bit, I headed outside where there were many other students hanging out and enjoying their floats and cookies together. I ended up sitting near Fountain Mall and soaked up some sunshine while eating my own yummy cookie and float.

Although Diadeloso is very different this year, I enjoyed this alternative Baylor has organized this week, along with the many others I’ve seen participating in the “Day of the Bear” week of events. It was cool to see how students and faculty could still come together and engage in some sort of normal activity, while still being safe and maintaining the necessary precautions.

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