Local vendors stock downtown farmers market

The Waco Downtown Farmers Market connects the Waco community with artisan products and produce grown and crafted within 150 miles of Waco. Christina Cannady | Photographer

By Olivia Martin | Social Media Editor

Every Saturday morning, students and the local community have the opportunity to head to the Waco Downtown Farmers Market where they can find agricultural and artisan goods from local Waco vendors.

The market, located downtown on Washington Avenue, started in 2011 after many months of planning and preparing. The original idea for the market was formed when various local vendors and businesses came together to talk about the possibility of starting the market in the downtown area.

As a result of that discussion, The Waco Farmers Market Permit Ordinance was put into place by the city’s planning department. Today, in 2021, the Waco Downtown Farmers Market is under the presidency of Chris McGowan. But there are many others who continue to create a space to bring local goods to the community.

“To bring locally grown and produced goods to downtown Waco in order to support local farmers and artisans as well as to enrich the culture of our community” is the market’s mission statement.

The variety of vendors and wide array of goods attract many Baylor students. They are able to shop locally and support Waco farmers, and also finding alternative, fresher options to their regular groceries.

“I love the Waco farmers market,” Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. ,junior Hannah Grace Lemanski said. “It’s a great opportunity to support local businesses here in Waco and gives students another option to buy fresh food, rather than just going to H-E-B.”

The plethora of vendors at the farmers market sell a variety of goods, ranging from fresh produce to gourmet food and beverages to plants and cut flowers, and many more.

Orange County, Calif., junior Megan Horn said she loves going to the farmers market and is a regular attendee. Some of her favorite vendors include Bloom Waco, Kurbside Coffee and tamales from Rancho Martinez.

“I love to support local businesses because I admire their work ethic and drive to be successful in what they’re passionate about,” Horn said.

All of the vendors follow specific guidelines set in place by the City of Waco’s Farmers Market Permit to keep the products being sold locally grown and locally sourced.

Due to the requirements of becoming a vendor, all agricultural items must be grown within 150 miles of Waco. Non-food items must also follow this same rule, and must be produced or created within 150 miles of Waco as well.

The 62 regular vendors of the market provide students and the community with plentiful options for locally sourced goods. To see directly where the products are coming from, head to the market website, wacodowntownfarmersmarket.org, to check out the Google Map feature which has all the vendors located.