Lululemon is worth the price

By Jenna Frisby | Social Media Editor

Athletic apparel has one of the largest markets in retail. People wear athletic clothes to workout, run errands, to go to class or even to lounge around the house. Needless to say, a lot is riding on finding the right brand for you, especially for females.

There are several big name brands that circulate in the conversation for the best athletic brand. Athleta, Outdoor Voices and Alo Yoga are all top contenders. All of these brands hover around the same price and material quality, creating a great sense of competition.

But far beyond all of these brands sits Lululemon.

Lululemon is an all-inclusive brand that sells apparel for a variety of activities. They are known for their company’s mantra of empowerment and strive to promote size inclusivity.

The brand’s philosophy stems from their origins in making clothes suitable for yoga. By doing so, the brand incorporated basic yoga principles such as manifestation and enlightenment to help set their brand apart. All the clothes they make are soft and comfortable, allowing you to feel confident for whatever occasion.

Lululemon creates clothes for both men and women. While they are best known for their leggings, they create activewear ranging from sports bras to swim trunks. With such a wide variety to chose from, Lululemon has gear suitable for high intensity activities such as running to low intensity activities like Pilates. Wearing durable clothing when working out helps to give you a little extra kick of motivation.

My favorite aspect of their brand is the color scheme. Lululemon is always releasing seasonal colors that are unique compared to any of their competitors. Sometimes you have to look good to feel good, especially at the gym.

Competitors fail to give customers the total package. Brands with a wide variety of colors don’t offer the best quality products and vice versa. Especially when it comes to leggings, other brands cannot compare. Lululemon leggings come in a variety of fabrics, from buttery soft to thick and durable, depending on your lifestyle.

Lululemon is not cheap by any means, but they have occasional sales that a fanatic such of myself takes advantage of regularly. However, their pieces stand the test of time. I have a pair of leggings that I bought my freshman year of high school and are still in perfect condition eight years later. I’m a firm believer in investing in staple pieces that are of high quality, which is why I’ve been building my Lululemon collection for years.

As a dancer, I’m constantly looking for clothes to suit my active lifestyle. I’ve tried activewear from every brand out there, and I keep coming back to Lululemon. Price tags aside, Lululemon is worth the investment if you are wanting to look and feel your best as you take on the day ahead.