It’s clear the left doesn’t actually care

By George Schroeder | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

As I write this, border detention facilities are cramming children together at upwards of 1,500% their normal capacity. Kids are literally being piled on top of each other in unprecedented numbers during a pandemic “so dangerous” that some states won’t even let children go to school in person.

This is happening right now, yet I don’t see a flurry of social media backlash or Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faking a picture of herself crying at the border. It almost seems like no one cares. How could it possibly be that the same people who decried Trump’s “inhumane” treatment of immigrants are now silent? Why have our stalwart defenders of humanity and justice now fallen away? Could it possibly be because a Democrat is president?

Morals aren’t actually morals if you simply weaponize them when it is convenient. Either you care now or you never really did.

Let’s begin by understanding whose fault the border crisis isn’t. President Biden and other top Democrats love to claim they inherited a broken system. This is simply not true, yet I’ve come to find out fact-checking isn’t necessary for a Democratic president. The Department of Homeland Security did not declare a crisis at the border during the Trump administration but did two months into the Biden administration. Mexico’s government began to worry Biden was “stoking illegal immigration” and “creating business for organized crime,” and weeks later, Mexico’s left-wing president blamed Biden for the problem.

In early March, an Arizona border chief claimed illegal immigration from this fiscal year alone was on track to surpass the last three years combined, while Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said the problem was under control under former President Trump. Even several Democratic lawmakers and politicians have warned President Biden about the increasingly problematic situation, yet he has done nothing. If it was a problem under Trump, I guarantee you that these same Democratic leaders would have spoken out, along with many Republicans, yet we did not see that at the time. This is only President Biden and the Democrats’ problem.

Liberals and Democrats blew up social media after Governor Abbott announced the end of the mask mandate (I would note that Texas coronavirus hospitalizations are trending down since the lift), but show their true colors when as they don’t consistently voice their concerns about COVID-19. Listen to these inconsistencies, then I ask you this: Is the virus dangerous or is it not?

Is it OK for illegal immigrants who test positive for COVID-19 to be released into the United States or is it not? Is it OK that children are being separated from parents at the border or is it not? Is it OK that these children are being literally crammed into detention facilities (under another president, I remember the word “cages” being tossed around), seriously breaking our precious social distancing guidelines, or is it not? As this has been going on, I’ve started to catch on: it only matters if a Republican is in charge. Democrats, liberals and leftists clearly didn’t care then because they don’t care now.

Furthermore, it’s either completely unfair and backward that American children are being forced into online schooling formats by teachers’ unions while illegal immigrants are being taught in-person or the Biden administration is putting lives at risk allowing migrant children to be taught in-person. Take your pick, there is no alternative that fits the Democratic narrative.

I remember many, many occasions when President Trump was called “a threat to democracy.” This was ridiculous on its face, but now it’s awfully strange how no one cares as President Biden openly restricts the press’ freedom to access the border. The immigration crisis is only made worse because the Biden administration is proving it has something to hide. I can’t imagine the hell that would break loose if Trump had ever done the same thing. Yet of course under a Democrat, all I hear is silence.

At his latest and first press conference, President Biden said he would commit to media transparency “as soon as I’m in a position to be able to implement what we’re doing right now.” Essentially, he is committing to media transparency as soon as they fix the problem. That’s a joke. Biden also said he hadn’t visited the border because he didn’t “want to become the issue.” Even a blind man can see right through this excuse. Come on, man. Only just recently, days after the press conference, did Biden allow reporters into one single detention facility.

On April 1, a video released by Project Veritas shows migrant children being kept in a “makeshift” processing center … outside, under a bridge and covered only by emergency blankets. This is Biden’s crisis. Don’t pretend this would go unnoticed (whether intentionally or not) under our last president.

If this was a crisis under Trump, it would be the scandal of all scandals, and I assume anyone reading this is smart enough to understand that. If under the previous administration, during a pandemic, thousands upon thousands of children were crammed into cages, pods and “makeshift” facilities as the press was restricted from exposing the problem, it would be an outrage.

The blatant hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. It doesn’t benefit them to publicly denounce the Biden administration, so they won’t. I hope they continue to stay silent, as it only continues to highlight the insincerity of their “morality and humanity” and pushes people to the other side. If you’re a Democrat and simply cannot understand why some people vote Republican, I would suggest you look no further than your own party, the media which props it up and the actions of so many on your side of the aisle.

While the left focuses on canceling Gina Carano, Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss and continues virtue signaling through the coronavirus pandemic, know that there are actually real issues that need to be addressed, businesses hurting and people suffering. If the left continues to care only when it is convenient, in order to support the Democrats’ extremely radical agenda, then all I can do is wish them the best of luck in 2022 and 2024. They’re going to need it.