Vocation or Vacation? Where your career may take you

As Baylor seniors approach graduation, questions arise of where the next phase of life might take them. Sarah Pinkerton | Photographer

By Olivia Martin | Social Media Editor

Spring is in the air and so is graduation. A real-life job and the realization for many that leaving the Baylor community is just a few short weeks away. Seniors are preparing for graduation and navigating the mixed emotions of getting ready to move into the “real world.”

One of the questions many college seniors face is whether they go for the dream job or work in their dream location.

Shelby Cefaratti, marketing communications coordinator of the Baylor Career Center, emphasized the importance of students knowing their long-term goals when considering a future career and location.

“If you’ve built up a strong community in Waco and you want to stay connected to those people, then that is part of your long-term goal,” Cefaratti said.

Cefaratti said community, family and home are all big factors, students need to take time to think about what they want in the future.

Mountain View senior Sarah Caylor has already accepted a job with Dell in Boston. She will be leaving the Baylor Community and moving to the new place, away from home, upon graduating.

Although Boston was not her first choice of places to live, Caylor said she truly felt like she found her dream job at Dell.

“To me, it didn’t matter where I ended up as long as I was in the program,” Caylor said. “That was a big thing I emphasized in the interview.”

Caylor was willing to go wherever and whenever Dell wanted, simply because she knew the program they offered was exactly what she wanted to do.

“I personally believe I am going to be far more fulfilled in a job that I actually like than just living in a place that I desire,” said Caylor.

Since the program is only for two years, Caylor said she feels some relief knowing if she wants to move to a different location at the end of it, she can.

On the other hand, Cefaratti said any students who are considering their future should try to investigate the location beforehand. If they aren’t familiar with it, she said to request an onsite interview so that the student can go to the area and check it out.

“The truth is, if you take a job that you absolutely love in a town that you can’t stand, that’s going to be a little more challenging,” said Ceferatti.

Another important factor students should take into consideration is the cost of living, as it will have a major impact on students’ decisions.

This is one of the ways the Career Center at Baylor can help students make the best possible decision for their future. At the Career Center, there are trained career professionals who are able to meet with students and discuss job offers and salary negotiations.

Cefaratti said she used the Career Center when going through the application process and thinks there are many helpful resources available to students trying to make the choice.

“That’s something that the Career Center can help students do, is look a little bit further,” said Cefaratti.