Easter bunny hunts for participant’s eggs in giant campus egg hunt

Baylor Union Board hosted a late night Easter egg hunt at the SUB on Saturday. Christina Cannady | Photographer

By Mallory Harris | Staff Writer

Chased by an Easter bunny out to snatch their eggs, students participated in an on-campus Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 27. They competed for prizes provided by the Union Board during a Sundown Session to celebrate the holiday.

San Diego sophomore Sarah Sandberg is a member of the Union Board and said the event went beyond her expectations. Hunts kicked off each hour from 9 p.m. to midnight and Sandberg said there was a line to get in.

“I knew people were going to show up, but I didn’t think we were going to be full at capacity and turn people away [because of COVID-19 capacity limits],” Sandberg said. “That’s what blew my expectations away. It was also nice seeing new students coming and learning about Sundown Sessions.”

Pontotoc, Miss. freshman Diana Gillespie said she went to the event for a study break. She said the competition was tough and even though she had not participated in an egg hunt for a long time, she enjoyed the experience.

“We all gathered in the Barfield Drawing room, they read off the rules, they blew the air horn and then we all ran all around the SUB,” Gillespie said. “It was very fun, very fast paced and an unexpected turnout honestly.”

The catch, however, was a giant Easter bunny was running around, chasing students and stealing their collection of eggs. Sandberg said this added a unique touch to the event and an element of surprise. She said the egg hunt has been a tradition since the start of Union Board, since they don’t host any events during Easter weekend.

“We just thought an Easter egg hunt would be fun because a lot of people have memories growing up when they were kids on Easter and they did Easter egg hunts with their families and friends,” Sandberg said. “College students are still little kids at heart and they just have fun searching for eggs.”

With many more events planned for the rest of the semester, Sandberg said it was exciting to see new faces and she wants them to keep coming to the sessions. After the Easter weekend, Sundown Sessions will resume every Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Gillespie said taking a break and attending this event was a good way for her to reset her priorities and enjoy herself.

“I really needed something to just remind me what life is supposed to be all about, that it’s not grades and papers, and just something to have fun,” Gillespie said.