Boots are a must for Texans

By Tim Longoria | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

I have grown up as a true Texan living in McKinney my whole life. I find myself having quite a bit of pride in being from the Lone Star State. When I came to college, I wasn’t as aware of the strong southern roots that most college students came from.

The comradery of country music and southern traditions brings the Baylor community together, and even through the pandemic, Baylor students, especially freshmen, found ways to come together, put on their cowboy boots and have a good time.

One of the first (and only) activities Baylor students could attend during the Fall semester of 2020 was spending their nights going to dance with friends at Melody Ranch. Although controversial, many saw this opportunity to be in community with others while dancing. Students made the most of the opportunity to meet new people and have a fun time dancing, all in the same night.

One of the many observations made was the popular attire. Boys and girls stormed into the dance hall dressed to the nines with the most practical shoe: boots. When someone comes in wearing a nice pair of cowboy boots, they are bound to make a good impression that will last.

There are many great features of wearing boots. Entering a country dance hall in boots can give a person a sense of confidence as it truly brings the “South” out of them. Wearing cowboy boots in the country atmosphere brings their fashion sense to life as a girl or guy going to dance.

I personally think I lean toward wearing boots because they are a neutral looking shoe that fits with any outfit. However, many people have extravagant boots that make a statement. No matter if you stick with a traditional boot or choose a unique style, you will fit right in.

Whether you are tailgating before a football game or waiting in line for a country concert, boots are the essential shoe for Texans.

I believe as a true Texan, cowboy boots are the trademark of the South. Cowboy boots have never gone out of style and point back to history as a southerner. Those who decide to wear boots show that they are not only confident but that they also work hard. Boots are a very practical shoe for cowboys as it provides comfort while working on a ranch. Being in an atmosphere surrounding this lifestyle and celebrates their traditions encourages people to wear outfits that match. This sturdy yet impressionable shoe is a staple in most southerner’s closets and being at Melody Ranch this past fall confirmed this point.

Growing up, a term that was often tossed around was the idea that “real men wear cowboys boots.” This term has since been adopted by women, along with the men, showcasing southern style from Amarillo all the way down to Brownsville.